• Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon
  • Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon
  • Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon
  • Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon
  • Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon

Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon



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Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat in Lagoon

Safety, comfort and ease of use are the three most important traits in any car seat, and the Nuna Rava convertible car seat ticks all the boxes. The Nuna Rava convertible enjoys perks like extended legroom, the ability to adjust your baby's position in nanoseconds and a one-of-a-kind set-up system that can be installed easily using just one set of hands. You can keep your attention focused on the road knowing the baby is comfy and secure. And because it accommodates children from 4 ½ to 65 pounds, it may be the only car seat you'll have to buy for your vehicle. The Nuna Rava Convertible, for sale now at Bambi Baby.

In need of a car seat that simple, fuss-free, that also surpasses American standards of safety? The Nuna RAVA convertible car seat has perks like extended leg room, the ability to adjust baby with minimal fuss, and a one-of-a-kind setup system thatcan be installed in the blink of an eye.

By taking the fuss out of everything, the RAVA allows you to sit back and soak up the precious memories you’re bound to make with baby!

Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat

Let’s break down the Nuna Rava features!

  • Installation with its ‘Simply Secure’ system is bubble, hassle, and muscle free
  • Steel framing and strengthened belt path as top-notch safety reinforcements
  • Fire resistant, whether you’re looking at the foam or the fabric, every component is uniquely selected to prevent catching flame
  • Side shielding defense that absorbs both impact and energy to protect (using SIP pods)
  • Two positions for crotch strap location using a no rethread method
  • Infant inserts (head and body) that can be removed as your baby outgrows them
  • Increased leg space with 2 extra inches of legroom in the rear position, which
    additionally allows for more support when you make the transition to face the front
  • To prevent overheating, there are panels with ventilation built into the shell, and breathable (not to mention washing machine friendly) knitted fabrics used throughout

Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat

Installation info:

  • Using the belt method (Nuna’s preference!) there is no confusion surrounding when you should stop using lower anchors and opt for using the vehicle’s belt, this method also allows for the seat to work in a wider range of cars and seat positions
  • Angle guides take the guesswork out of discovering the correct recline angle for baby to ride
  • ‘True Tension’ doors do just that, add tension to the vehicle seatbelt without added force
  • Color indicators along the belt path reduce the chance of install mistakes
  • Clear instructions to allow for a perfect install that you can be confident about

Child weight, age, & height info:

Should you forgo the convenience of a travel system (like the PIPA car seat), the RAVA can be used directly from birth. The RAVA can be used in the rear facing position starting at 5 pounds. Using the seat belt installation, it can accommodate up to 50 pounds, however with the lower anchor belt installation it can only function safely up to 35 lbs. Once your child turns two years old you should make the transition away from rear facing. The seat can be installed as forward facing once the child reaches 25 pounds. In the forward position the belt method accommodates up to 65 pounds, whereas the lower anchor belt method only 40 lbs. Overall, the RAVA should no longer be used once the child exceeds 49 inches.

DIMENSIONS: L 16 x W 19 x H 25.2-31 in
WEIGHT: 27.2 lb

Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat – Fabrics

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