Soho Baby

Soho Baby

Quality nursery furniture creates peace of mind and makes life easier for parents.  This is why we’ve 
engineered our products for strength, durability, and sturdiness - for the safety of your baby. 

Soho Baby proudly use Solid Wood and Veneers in all of our nursery furniture, as we believe 
this creates the safest product for your baby. We are dedicated to using 
materials that enhance the longevity of our furniture. In turn, many of our 
collections are crafted from hardwood for sturdiness and durability. Soho Baby Furniture is known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship. Their furniture is meticulously designed and built using durable materials, ensuring longevity and durability. They pay attention to detail in the construction process, resulting in well-crafted and sturdy furniture pieces.

Soho Baby products are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and are made of low-emitting materials and screened for thousands of chemicals and VOCs known to pollute indoor air. This means they help contribute to cleaner indoor air, making your home a healthier space for your family. Their products are designed and manufactured in compliance with safety regulations and standards. They undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry safety requirements, providing peace of mind to parents.

Soho Baby Furniture offers a range of stylish and modern designs to suit various nursery styles and preferences. Their furniture collections often feature clean lines, contemporary finishes, and thoughtful details. The aesthetic appeal of their furniture allows parents to create a visually pleasing and harmonious nursery environment.

We proudly work with partners who adhere to higher standards to protect
 our planet. We seek to use renewable and recylable materials wherever 
possible in the development and manufacturing of our products. We are 
dedicated to caring for our planet, our communities, and local forests.