The Romina furniture company has crafted wooden furniture for three generations in their family. Throughout their existence, they have learned that even the most advanced technologies and accessories have to serve only one purpose: revealing the inner soul of the wood they carve. Romina cribs and furniture will bring the soul of nature into your baby’s tranquil, beautiful nursery. Their genuine European design and manufacturing, as well as a thorough understanding of family lifestyles adds to their tradition and expertise in wood craftsmanship. When you purchase Romina baby furniture, you continually add value and character to your child’s unique nursery.


Purchasing your child’s first nursery set is a big step. It means that your little one will grow along with the furniture that furnishes his or her new world. He or she will see, breathe, touch, and feel everything in the atmosphere of his or her new nursery. This will be the place that child grows in, and with these furniture collections, you can rest assured that your child will grow safely in his or her special environment. Every baby furniture piece this special European company creates is made from solid wood, which is non-chemically treated for strength and resistance. All of their paints and stains are non-toxic, and bees wax organic finish is available for any of their collections.


While Romina furniture collections are some of the safest on the market, their baby furniture is also some of the best looking. Their collections are beautiful, they come in different styles and colors, and all have high quality finishes. Browse  our Karisma, Imperio, Verona, AntonioCleopatraNerva, Ventianni, and Violini collections to find furniture or cribs that perfectly suit your home.


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