4Moms – Bambi Baby 

The idea behind the 4Moms brand was created after Two friends Rob daily and Henry thorn in 2000 met over lunch to discuss future business ventures and individual plans to become a successful entrepreneuer. They realized that they had to change an existing market or create a new one in order to be successful. After reviewing different industries Rob and Henry determined to specifically target juvenile products and eldercare. Looking specifically at juvenile products they determined that this was the better opportunity and presented the most potential within $8.9 billion market cap.

4Moms was officially established in 2005 under Thorley Industries and its first product came from its first focus group of moms. The group provided invaluable insight that explored juvenile products and pain points that led to the creation of the 4Moms infant tub. Today 4Moms makes baby gear, including the 4moms origami®, the world’s only power-folding stroller; the 4moms mamaRoo® infant seat that replicates the bouncing and swaying motions parents make when soothing their babies; and the 4moms breeze® playard that opens or closes in one simple step. Parents are changing the way that they think about baby gear rapidly because of 4Moms.Take a look at the 4Moms strollers and gear Bambi Baby offers to our customers.

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