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We believe that what you put into your furniture is what you get out of it. Natart believes the same, which is why they produce the highest quality cribs and baby furniture on the market without sparing style or safety. While it is luxurious and stylish, Natart’s baby furniture is guaranteed to exceed your safety expectations. They pay attention to how their products are constructed and what components comprise their furniture pieces. They provide your family with quality furniture pieces that are safe for you and your child’s use in your home.


All Natart products, from cribs to dressers, are Greenguard Certified foe extremely low volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals. Every piece of Natart baby furniture is constructed from solid wood, whether it is birch, beech, or oak. Their high-resistance finishes are applied in a multi-step process to safe guard them from scratches and other baby blunders. While all of the outer surfaces are finished, the insides of drawers, armoires, and other furniture pieces are also finished with either a clear coat varnish or paint to reduce dust build-up.


While Natart’s furniture pieces are guaranteed safe for your children and family, they are top notch in terms of style and luxury. With a Natart crib, furniture piece, or complete collection in your child’s nursery, the room will instantly look fit for a young prince or princess. Their commitment to design, innovation, and style is unmatched. Natart cribs and furniture pieces are elegant and timeless, adding a beautifully unique element to your child’s nursery. Browse the Belmont, BellaAlexaAllegraAvalon, London, and Paris collections to find something suitable for your young prince or princess.


Call 877-882-2624 or contact us to get Natart cribs and furniture for your nursery today!


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