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Here at Bambi Baby, we care about your family, which is why we carry the highest quality baby cribs and baby furniture for your little ones. All of the cribs and nursery sets we carry are made from the highest quality and ensure safety from our family to yours. High quality furniture is made to last, which is why we only carry the best baby cribs for your baby’s nursery. We're also pleased to announce we carry the large selection of Babies R Us Cribs that we have mostly in stock.


We understand that your child will outgrow his or her first furniture set rather quickly, which is why we carry a wide variety of convertible cribs that can be used as twin or full-sized beds over time, and will allow for comfortable room changes all throughout your child’s adolescence. Once your little one outgrows the crib you choose, we carry the conversion rails to adapt to the growing needs of your child.


Which style are you looking to furnish your baby’s nursery with? Our cribs are versatile; we carry modern, contemporary, classic, and traditional styles for how ever you want to fashion the perfect space for your young one. If space optimization is at the top of your list, we have styles that are sure to suit you and your baby. Bambi Baby carries an array of Crib N Changers, which contain both a crib and a changing table to conserve the maximum amount of space in your place.


We carry a wide variety of crib brands, including: Dolce Babi, RominaSorelleNatart, Pali, Fisher Price, and more, to suit your style, space requirements, and price range.


Call 877-882-2624 or contact us to get baby cribs or baby crib sets for your nursery today!


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