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Westwood Design

Westwood Design products are built to last from birth until you send your child off to college (and beyond). When looking for a crib that is reasonable, practicable, safe, and fashionable, parents are presented with a wide range of options and choices. Finding the crib that fits perfectly into a home be difficult, but with companies like Westwood Design, finding the right safe haven for your little love doesn’t have to be. Westwood Design presents parents with cribs that are built to last, provide top notch safety and security for baby, and promise to remain timeless and elegant. The beautiful collections of baby cribs and furniture that will exceed any design and taste requirements. With eleven different collections to choose from, Westwood Design offers incredible options of different styles and designs of cribs that boast safety and will fit perfectly into baby’s new nursery. For parents that enjoy the traditional style of crib, the Echo or the Reese collection, available in white, fog, and natural, will be the perfect design. Both the Echo and Reese are also easily 3-in-1 convertible from a crib to a toddler and day bed. The company also beautifully provides two options of traditional looking cribs, the Echo and Reese collections, available in light brown and white. They are truly perfect for parents that want a traditional aesthetic for their child’s crib.


For parents that like the look of the newer, more modern cribs with expanded headboards, collections like the Stone Harbor and Meadowdale collection, with a curved headboard are perfect. Available in cloud, vintage, cashew, and black, these convertible cribs will easily fit into any nursery and provide timeless elegance. And, for parents whose taste matches a more rustic charm, the Riley crib, available in almond and crushed white, and the Foundry crib in brushed pewter, provides the angular and rough finish that the rustic charm calls for. Westwood Design baby cribs range from a modern finish in light and dark grey like the Trinity and Pine Ridge convertible collection, to more classic and clean finish in pearl and cream white, like the Athena and Trinity. And, for parents that wish to incorporate a more rustic and simplistic design in their baby’s nursery, collections like the Waverley and Jonesport, available in distressed wood finishes, provide a perfect farmhouse feel. All these collections come with a modern style with a full paneled headboard and are 4-in-1 convertible from a crib to a toddler, day bed, and full bed with a headboard and footboard, simply with the purchase of conversion rails. Their cribs promise to follow your child as they grow and provide the comfort and support they truly need.


Westwood Design promises not only to remain timeless and elegant, but to produce furniture also promises safety and security for your little one, by ensuring all of their products are tested for safety, use non-toxic finishes, and are cribs and furniture that last a lifetime. The company truly promises to provide beauty, charm, and safety to every little one, and promise to remain elegant and modern over time. Planning a nursery is an exciting prospect of expecting a new baby, and Westwood Design makes it even more exciting.


We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our joints stay joined, and don’t work loose over time. Removable pieces are threaded into steel inserts permanently glued into the wood. When you remove a drawer and look inside a chest, you will see how many corner braces and cleats we use to make our furniture tough.


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