Our Top 5 Crib Picks

The Dolce Babi Collections are designed and built by a group of knowledgeable and advanced professionals that know how to deliver the right baby furniture for today’s lifestyle on time and at a great price. They, without hesitation, hold up the Dolce Babi brand promise: To provide solidly crafted, innovative children’s furniture that never stints on safety, and always provides great style and value. The company pays special attention to the finish of their furniture and they pride themselves in offering the most sought-after and up-to-the-minute color choices.

Dolce Babi promises to build quality furniture that will last a lifetime. They work to ensure their products include high-end features, such as English dovetail joints and drawer support blocks. And, for such busy parents, caring for their furniture is simple and quick, and helps you protect your investment and keep it looking like new. They also promise that their cribs will grow with your child and last a lifetime. Just simply purchase the conversion kit, and your child’s crib will become their forever bed. Select a crib from one of their six beautiful collections: The Angelina, The Lucca, The Naples, The Venezia Collection, The Capri, and the Florenza collection, each different in their own way, yet they all offer incredible options to find the perfect crib to match your taste! Dolce Babi furniture is constantly updated according to the latest information and standards and is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recommendations and is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Beautifully crafted furniture by Oxford is composed of the finest hardwoods and veneers which help depict its characteristic design, and provide a safe and sturdy sleeping space for baby. Available in countless different collections, styles, and colors to match all parents’ tastes, Oxford will truly forever be timeless. Most of the collections through Oxford are 4-in-1 convertible, and first provides baby with an incredibly sturdy and wonderful crib. The crib then converts easily into a toddler, day bed, and full sized adult bed with a full paneled headboard and footboard. This forever bed provides the consistency baby needs to properly grow from their young life and well into their teenage years. To convert to a toddler bed, Oxford suggests the immediate purchase of the necessary toddler rail that matches the vintage white finish perfectly. This rail not only extends the use of the crib, but also provides your toddler independence by allowing them to climb in and out of bed as they choose. As your toddler grows, they no longer need the rail to help protect them. From the toddler bed, their crib also converts into a daybed. Oxford then provides parents with the purchasing option of the full bed conversion kit that helps smoothly transition into a full bed. The full bed conversion kit is equipped with two matching side rails and five slat support pieces that will create a safe and secure sleeping space for your child as they grow into a young adult. The crib paneling will transition beautifully into a full paneled headboard and footboard, and all that is needed is to simply place a mattress atop the rails. Keeping your nursery clean and organized is simple with the seven drawer dresser. Available in the matching vintage white finish, each drawer opens smoothly on soft closing glides with English dovetail construction. All the top drawers have felt lined inner drawer bottoms. The beautiful dresser has an optional baby changing tray for convenient changing. Oxford also provides the optional purchase for a hutch as a great and spacious addition to the dresser. With two adjustable shelves, the dresser easily transforms into a functional bookshelf that offers extra space. The hutch is constructed from the same hardwoods and veneers, and is durable, stylish, and made to last for years. And, for parents that desire more space for baby, the armoire provides a full length clothing bar and a shelf and two drawers behind the two beautifully finished armoire doors. The two bottom dresser drawers have soft closing glides with English dovetail construction, perfect for stowing your baby's essentials. And, to fully complete any bedroom set, the collection offers a matching two drawer nightstand. Like the dresser and armoire, the nightstands provide soft closing glides and English dovetail construction. For the ability to have baby’s nursery convert to a bedroom where your child enjoys spending their time, multiple Oxford collections provide the option of a beautiful bookcase, perfect for storing their favorite books. The bookcase provides two drawers that are felt lined and offer soft closing glides and English dovetail construction. It is a beautiful addition to any room. Oxford provides a gorgeous purchasing option to truly complete any bedroom fully. Collections like the Cottage Cove and Piermont provide incredible options for any nursery style. Their nursery collections are unique, stylish and always safe. Each collection is crafted from the finest materials to ensure countless years of durability and reliability, from birth to adulthood.

Oxford Baby | Piermont Collection

(Pictured: Oxford Baby Piermont Collection in Stonington Gray)

Pali baby cribs and furniture provide a wide variety of convertible and traditional cribs in eighteen different collections. All of their “forever cribs” promise to follow you baby from birth to their young adult age but converting from a crib to a toddler, day bed, and full bed, simply with the conversion of toddler rails. With the options of matching furniture, Pali baby can complete any bedroom set by providing tall dressers, a chest of drawers that can easily change into a changing table with Pali baby’s 3” changing tray, nightstands and bookshelves. Their Italian-inspired collections begin with the Bergamo, available in white and Earth. The Bergamo collection presents a beautiful finish and high-peaked curved headboard, reminiscent of the Italian Alps. For parents that want to incorporate floral aspects to their baby’s nursery, the Gardena collection, with carved flowers on the headboard, is available in dream, mochachino, slate, and white. And, for parents that desire a rustic finish, the Torino, available in distressed finishes and clean ones, provides a perfect rustic appeal. To complete any crib set, Pali baby provides bedding sets that come in three collections: Sogno, Stella and Regale. Each collection set consists of a blanket, a dust ruffle, a crib top rail cover and a sheet. Pali baby’s products are dedicated to exceeding all safety standards on all of their products and to do so, they test products regularly, and use only non-toxic finishes on all of their furniture. With an “A” rating from Baby Bargains and a five-star customer rating from Bambi Baby, Pali cribs promises to provide a safe and secure haven for your newborn, and provide support as they grow.

Pali Baby | Diamente Collection

(Pictured: Pali Baby Diamente Collection in Vintage White)

When looking for a crib that is reasonable, practicable, safe, and fashionable, parents are presented with a wide range of options and choices. Finding the crib that fits perfectly into a home can be difficult, but with companies like Westwood Design, finding the right safe haven for your little love doesn’t have to be. Westwood Design presents parents with cribs that are built to last, provide top notch safety and security for baby, and promise to remain timeless and elegant. The beautiful collections of baby cribs and furniture that will exceed any design and taste requirements. With eleven different collections to choose from, Westwood Design offers incredible options of different styles and designs of cribs that boast safety and will fit perfectly into baby’s new nursery. For parents that enjoy the traditional style of crib, the Echo or the Reese collection, available in white, fog, and natural, will be the perfect design. Both the Echo and Reese are also easily 3-in-1 convertible from a crib to a toddler and day bed. The company also beautifully provides two options of traditional looking cribs, the Echo and Reese collections, available in light brown and white. They are truly perfect for parents that want a traditional aesthetic for their child’s crib. For parents that like the look of the newer, more modern cribs with expanded headboards, collections like the Stone Harbor and Meadowdale collection, with a curved headboard are perfect. Available in cloud, vintage, cashew, and black, these convertible cribs will easily fit into any nursery and provide timeless elegance. And, for parents whose taste matches a more rustic charm, the Riley crib, available in almond and crushed white, and the Foundry crib in brushed pewter, provides the angular and rough finish that the rustic charm calls for. Westwood Design baby cribs range from a modern finish in light and dark grey like the Trinity and Pine Ridge convertible collection, to more classic and clean finish in pearl and cream white, like the Athena and Trinity. And, for parents that wish to incorporate a more rustic and simplistic design in their baby’s nursery, collections like the Waverley and Jonesport, available in distressed wood finishes, provide a perfect farmhouse feel. All these collections come with a modern style with a full paneled headboard and are 4-in-1 convertible from a crib to a toddler, day bed, and full bed with a headboard and footboard, simply with the purchase of conversion rails. Their cribs promise to follow your child as they grow and provide the comfort and support they truly need. Westwood Design promises not only to remain timeless and elegant, but to produce furniture also promises safety and security for your little one, by ensuring all of their products are tested for safety, use non-toxic finishes, and are cribs and furniture that last a lifetime. The company truly promises to provide beauty, charm, and safety to every little one, and promise to remain elegant and modern over time. Planning a nursery is an exciting prospect of expecting a new baby, and Westwood Design makes it even more exciting. They promise to use only top-quality finishing materials that are durable and safe. Their finishes are tested for lead content, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. They complete and pass all testing required by the US government and JPMA certification program. For extra safety assurance, every production run of their furniture is additionally tested by independent quality control experts.

Westwood Designs | Foundry Collection

(Pictured: Westwood Baby Foundry Collection in Brushed Pewter)

Stella Baby cribs and furniture invites parents to find the perfect crib for their little one’s nursery. The company presents three beautiful collections, the Athena, the Kerrigan, and the Trinity. Their timeless pieces are made to last and grow with your baby by providing the option to convert into a toddler, day bed, and full bed. The Athena collection is composed of solid hardwood construction with clean and classic details and is available in Belgium cream. The Kerrigan collection, in Cafe Au Lait and farmhouse white, provides intricate and modern touch with classic crown molding and spindles. And, the Trinity collection, available in chateau and Belgium cream, is also composed of solid hardwood, and provides a clean cut and classic look. All of their collections meet and exceed all safety requirements, and their lacquer finishes are non-toxic. And, with the optional purchase of the matching furniture, like dressers, nightstands, chests, bookshelves, and changing trays that are easily placed on the top of any dresser, Stella Baby provides the option to complete any nursery set. Each of the collections provide the option to convert from into a toddler, day bed, and fill bed, simply with the optional purchase of the necessary rails. Stella baby promises to protect your little one as they sleep and grow. At Stella Baby, product safety is of highest priority. Stella promises to use only top-quality finishing materials that are durable and safe. Their finishes are tested for lead content, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. They complete and pass all testing required by the US government and JPMA certification program. For extra safety assurance, every production run of their furniture is additionally tested by independent quality control experts.

Stella Baby | Athena Collection

(Pictured: Stella Baby Athena Collection in Belgium Cream)

All five incredible crib options are available at Bambi Baby stores. To be kept up to date on brands, new baby merchandise, and the latest news on these incredible brands, be sure to follow Bambi Baby on Instagram and subscribe to their youtube channel!

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