NEST Juvenile

NEST Juvenile

Natart Furniture, the parent company of NEST Juvenile, is a small family owned company which debuted in Rome, Italy in 1988 as an adult furniture manufacturer. In 1995, we moved to Quebec, Canada in order expand our structure and to better serve the growing North American demand for high-end furniture. Subsequently, in 2001, the juvenile division was launched under the brand name Natart Juvenile. In 2008 we launched TULIP Juvenile, a modern furniture line. Subsequently, we became distributors for Leander furniture out of Denmark and Essentia mattresses from Montreal. Now, in 2014, we are proud to add two new brands – NEST Juvenile and Natart Gliders to our portfolio of juvenile products.


Our 4 (four) distinct brands: Natart Juvenile, Natart Gliders, NEST Juvenile, and TULIP Juvenile are all proudly manufactured in Canada. We are dedicated to continually evolve as a company in our quest to manufacture and distribute products that are not only of high quality and design, but that surpass your expectations as well.


Call 877-882-2624 or contact us to get NEST Baby Furniture by Natart today!

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