Classic & Traditional Cribs

Classic & Traditional Cribs

Creating the perfect nursery for your new arrival is one of the great joys of pregnancy. As you indulge your nesting instinct, you'll feel tremendous satisfaction in making the world — or at least your home! — ready for baby. The possibilities are nearly endless, which is all part of the fun: You can choose soft pastels, chic neutrals, or bold, primary colors and practically any theme you can dream up.


The centerpiece of the nursery is, of course, your baby's crib. It's where your baby will learn to sleep and feel safe in the world, and it's the one item you can't live without when you bring baby home from the hospital. A classic crib is a well-crafted piece of furniture as sturdy as any bedroom set you'd purchase for an adult. Though they look as though they've been part of your home for years, new cribs are only designed to look like valuable antiques:Bambi Baby classic baby cribs are all manufactured according to strict safety standards that guide the spacing of the bars and types of finishes used to get that beautiful look. Your baby's safety is crucial.


Choosing from a collection of classic baby cribs can be challenging, but it's also hugely rewarding and great fun. You can design your nursery first and then search for the crib based on color and style for the right finishing touch, or you can let yourself fall in love with a gorgeous centerpiece of a crib first and design the room around it. Bambi Baby has standard baby cribs with solid headboards and footboards for a luxe look, or you can choose traditional bars for an airier, lighter nursery. Other popular features include adjustable mattress heights and convertible side panels that allow you to use your crib as a toddler bed as your baby grows up. From breezy white paint and upholstered headboards to rich mahogany finishes, you're sure to find the classic crib that's right for your growing family.  


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