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Welcome Wonderfold to Bambi Baby!

At Bambi Baby we are always researching and testing products that we find worthy to make great additions for experienced and new parents alike. Upon introduction to the Wonderfold Wagon, the craftsmanship and quality immediately caught our attention. Wonderfold offers several products in both 4 seater and 2 seater options. The 4 seater comes in 5 different models and the 2 seater comes in 4 different options. 

Wonderfold Wagon

Why We Love It

When it comes to travel products, the Wonderfold Wagon is in a class of its own with a unique design that sets it apart from other standard wagons on the market today. What we love most about it is the fold flat storage that makes it extremely portable; so you can pack it up and take it with you anytime, anywhere. The beach, the park, and vacations alike are ideal and simplified by Wonderfold. Not to mention, this wagon will fit in the back of any car - making it a great companion for travel by vehicle. Best of all? You don’t have to have a trailer to pull your Wonderfold Wagon, you can conveniently fold the wheels flat and store them away with the rest of the body; making it super portable and easily stored underneath a bed or piece of furniture when not in use.

Another great feature we found with this wagon is that it holds more than its competitors. It can hold up to 300 pounds, a weight capacity that you will not find in any other small folding wagon on the market. It requires no assembly, meaning it arrives at your door ready to roll. With features that are nothing short of impressive, its sleek and stylish look, and convenient design – This wagon is truly a game-changer.

Wonderfold Wagon

With this being our first products from Wonderfold, we’re already huge fans and eager to share what we’ve found with our community. We hope to explore other areas of Wonderfold’s product line in the future to see how they vary from category to category, so stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out this innovative addition to your family’s outings on our Bambi Baby website or in any of our four store locations

Jul 21st 2022 Enelio
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