UPPAbaby Knox Convertible Car Seat

A parent’s job and main priority is to protect baby from everything they can possibly protect them from, and the first ride home from the hospital when baby is born can be an incredibly nerve wracking and stressful endeavor that parents absolutely must face. With this being said, the shortest ride home can seem like an eternity. You’ve done all you can - baby proofed the house, purchased the greatest and strongest crib and matching furniture composed of the best materials and finishes available, stocked up on toys that will facilitate all growth, purchased the best diapers, and the healthiest food and now, it is time to bring the little one home. The UPPAbaby Knox car seat is the best option for safe transport of baby as the are traveling home, whether it be be the first time or the hundredth time. The car seat and its appropriate name, just like the historically safe fort is the Fort Knox of all car seats - and is the safest purchasing option available to parents modern day. 

UPPAbaby Knox

The seat promises to provide impeccable and unmatched safety and security for baby every single time they are in the car, with the triple buckle system that incorporates a strong and secure across the chest single buckle and an equally dependable double lower buckling system. The car seat also works as a lightweight and efficient carrier, so baby is easily transported from the the car to out and about. Durable and stylish, the carrier can be easily and secure placed atop any outside surface. And, with the promise to keep baby safe as they grow, the Knox car seat grows and transitions with their needs, weight requirements, and size from backwards facing seats and into to booster seats for when they are a young toddler and into their later toddler years. Tested and assessed over and over again, the Knox car seat provides safety and security for baby as they are traveling, both in and out of the car. The Knox car seat has been tested extensively to ensure that it is the safest product on the market, and the company promises to continue to test and retest this car seat to uphold all safety standards. Backed by all United States safety standards, it promises to keep baby snug and secure during any traveling done, both in and out of the car. The Knox car seat also promises comfort for baby, and they will have just enough room to remain comfortable while providing the necessary security. The purchase of the Knox car seat completes the list of necessary materials needed to protect your baby at all costs, and ensures that they will be protected as they continue to grow. Providing a secure place for baby, both at home and on the go, the “Fort Knox” car seat, booster seat, and carrying system will be the greatest and smartest purchase a parent will invest in, and will remain timeless and necessary for baby as they continue to grow healthy and strong.

Aug 1st 2018 Allie
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