The Bugaboo Giraffe World Premiere

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Here at Bambi Baby, we are always scouring the market for the latest and greatest baby gear to share with our family. This passion is the root of our excitement to share the upcoming launch of what might be the best highchair ever – The all-new Bugaboo Giraffe.

Coming early spring is a highchair that may usurp any that came before. The Bugaboo Giraffe is intuitive, convenient, lightweight, and grows with your child without a single tool necessary. From newborn, all the way to 220lbs – You’ll never need another chair.                                                          

Infant Lounger

The infant lounger is just one of the game-changing features of the Bugaboo Giraffe. Attachable to both a rocker and the chair, you can now feed your newborn right at the table comfortably and conveniently. Simply push the two buttons on either side of the attachment, pull up from the rocker, and snap it right onto the chair.

Baby Seat

The machine-washable and easily removable fabrics on the baby seat are memory foam for optimal comfort, and the seat itself brings a new level of ingenuity to the market. Equipped with a single push-button release, the entire baby seat can be removed in moments and cleaned with ease. The 5-point harness gives your child the same security as a traditional version but changes things up with only having a 3-point buckle. That means you only need to adjust your harness by two points while still maintaining five-point security.

One-Second Toddler to Teen Seat

What starts as a memory-foam toddler seat effortlessly converts in one second with a sliding mechanism to fit anyone under 220 pounds. The footrest adjusts to any height and all the way to the floor by simply pushing two buttons and pushing. When you release those buttons, it secures into a completely customized level – Just like that, you’re done. The same goes for your seat. No tools, no fuss, no moving parts.

Tray & Final Thoughts

The tray is just as intuitive as the rest of this highchair. With a single pinch of the easy-to-locate release button, it pops off smoothly and slides back on with no additional effort.

Overall, this highchair may very well trump any that came before – So stay tuned for its release, and our full comparison between the Giraffe and the current leading highchair in the world.

IG Review

Hey guys. How do you get excited about a highchair? Well, I'm excited. Bugaboo has introduced the brand new Giraffe. The Giraffe is a world premiere first-time-seen video on This Giraffe is ingenuous, super easy, and super friendly. Very easy to remove the tray, bring it down, and put it wherever you wish. The baby seat comes off, extremely simple, easy to maintain, remove the cushions to wash. And it has this newborn lounger that I can incorporate and slide on in. So I can put the newborn lounger into place for young feeding. And it's fully adaptable. Remove the lounger, and connect it to its rocker. The floor is fully adjustable. By squeezing the buttons on the sides, it will adjust the floor all the way down as you may need. The seating position is also a slide. So I can end up sliding it forward, dropping it down, and eventually using it from newborn all the way up to teen. So please let me know in the comments below how you think the Giraffe is going to do in the space. I think it's the most intuitive highchair on the market by far. Stay tuned, this launches in early spring. If you have any questions or comments about the Giraffe, please leave them below.

Sep 1st 2022 Enelio
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