Summertime Is Wagon Season!

Summertime is the perfect season for utilizing wagons, as it offers a delightful combination of sunny days, pleasant temperatures, and outdoor activities. The warm weather beckons families with children to embark on various adventures, and a wagon becomes an ideal companion for these excursions. Whether it's a picnic in the park, a trip to the beach, or a visit to a local farm, a wagon provides convenient and practical transportation for carrying supplies, snacks, and the tired little ones. Its sturdy wheels effortlessly navigate through sandy beaches, grassy fields, and winding trails, ensuring a smooth journey. The longer daylight hours of summer grant ample time for leisurely strolls, and the wagon's spacious design accommodates both essentials and recreational gear. In no particular order, here are some of our favorite wagons Bambi Baby has to offer!

Veer Cruiser and Cruiser XL

The Veer Cruiser and Cruiser XL wagons are both exceptional choices when it comes to wagons, offering a range of features that make them stand out. Designed with versatility and durability in mind, these wagons are perfect for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of reliable transportation.

The Veer Cruiser wagon is known for its sleek design and compact size. It features a lightweight frame made of aluminum, making it easy to maneuver and transport. With a seating capacity of two children, it is an excellent choice for families on the go. The wagon also boasts a one-hand folding mechanism, allowing for quick and convenient storage. Its adjustable handlebar ensures comfortable handling for individuals of varying heights. Additionally, the Veer Cruiser comes with all-terrain wheels, making it suitable for various surfaces, from sandy beaches to rugged trails.

Being the larger version of the Cruiser, the Cruiser XL wagon offers an expanded capacity and additional features. With a seating capacity of up to four children, it is perfect for larger families or groups. The XL also includes an extra storage basket, providing ample room for belongings, groceries, or outdoor gear. Despite its increased size, the Cruiser XL remains easy to maneuver thanks to its durable and sturdy construction. It features all-terrain suspension and large, rugged wheels, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain.

Both wagons prioritize safety with their five-point harness systems, adjustable canopies for sun protection, and compatibility with infant car seats. Whether you choose the compact and agile Veer Cruiser or the spacious and accommodating Cruiser XL, you can rest assured that these wagons offer convenience, durability, and versatility for all your transportation needs.

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Wonderfold VW Edition Quad Stroller

The WonderFold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is a remarkable wagon that combines the functionality of a stroller with the versatility of a wagon. Its innovative design and impressive specifications make it an excellent choice for families with young children. The VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon features a spacious interior that can comfortably accommodate up to four children, making it ideal for larger families or playdates. It is equipped with a five-point harness system to ensure the safety and security of the little passengers. The wagon also comes with a removable canopy that offers protection from the sun or light rain showers. Its adjustable handlebar provides customizable comfort for parents or caregivers. Additionally, the VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon boasts large and durable wheels, allowing for easy maneuverability on various terrains. It also offers ample storage space with its rear storage compartment and front pockets, providing room for essentials and belongings. With its exceptional features and practical design, the WonderFold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is a reliable and convenient option for families seeking a versatile and comfortable transportation solution.

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Bob Gear Renegade Wagon

The Bob Gear Renegade Wagon is an outstanding choice when it comes to wagons, offering a plethora of features that make it an excellent option for outdoor adventures. With its robust construction and impressive specifications, this wagon stands out as a reliable and versatile companion. The Renegade Wagon boasts a durable frame and all-terrain wheels, allowing it to tackle various surfaces with ease. Whether it's sandy beaches, gravel paths, or uneven terrain, this wagon can handle it all. It also features a spacious interior, providing ample room for both children and gear. The wagon comes with comfortable seating for two kids, complete with adjustable five-point harnesses for enhanced safety. The Renegade Wagon also offers multiple storage compartments, including a large cargo space at the rear, perfect for stashing snacks, toys, and other essentials. Its one-hand fold design enables effortless setup and compact storage, making it convenient for transportation. With its sturdy build, versatile features, and ample storage options, the Bob Gear Renegade Wagon is an exceptional choice for families seeking a reliable and practical wagon for their outdoor adventures.

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Jul 18th 2023 Enelio
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