Summer Time Comparisons - Nuna Demi GROW vs Bugaboo Fox3

Summer Canopy Strollers - Nuna Demi GROW & Bugaboo FOX3

With rising temperatures and persistent sunlight during the summer, the need for a canopy on your stroller is pressing. A blanket tossed overtop of your child will raise the temperature for them almost immediately, creating extreme discomfort or worse, but direct sunlight will result in a sunburn and/or being woken from their peaceful sleep. That’s exactly why summer canopies like the ones on the Nuna Demi GROW and the Bugaboo FOX3 were developed.

The Nuna Demi GROW comes with two options for canopies: The standard, and the new vented summer canopy which provides SPF50 all-throughout. This new canopy is ventilated and breathable, protective against the harmful rays of the sun, and very convenient to snap on and off.

The Bugaboo FOX3 comes with the standard three-panel canopy that has ventilation, or you can purchase a Summer Breezy Canopy. The Summer Breezy Canopy has a sunroof option in the front to take a peek at baby any time you’d like, or close it up to ensure they have a peaceful nap on the go.

Both strollers are tested and made to be as safe and comfortable as possible for your bundle of joy, which leaves the choice up to you. Consider your lifestyle, color preference, and style choice – Then head to to snag one today.

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Hi, it's Enelio from Bambi Baby, and here we are on location at a park, kind of giving you a real-life scenario of a full-featured stroller and the need to have a versatile summer canopy. Now, the Nuna Demi GROW, it comes with two canopies. You get a standard canopy, and you get the new summer vented canopy, which is really, really nice. SPF 50 all throughout. On the bugaboo fox that I have next to me, you get a standard three-panel canopy with some ventilation, but you could buy a summer breezy canopy with a sunroof option in the front. You can close it down, you can recline it, you could do many things. I do believe an all-terrain, full-featured stroller is ideal, and having a summer canopy is even more important. You never want to throw a blanket over your child. If you have any questions or comments, please leave it below.

Sep 23rd 2022 Enelio
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