Nuna Convertible Car Seat Comparison: Nuna RAVA vs. REVV vs. EXEC

Nuna Convertible Car Seat Comparison:


After careful consideration and endless research, you’ve made the decision to get a convertible Nuna car seat – But now you’re left with three options that all seem perfect, and no clue how to decipher which is best for your family. By directly comparing all three choices without bias and, as always, from our unsponsored point of view; we hope to make that nagging conclusion as simple as humanly possible.

Nuna Revv 360˚ Rotating Car Seat
(Pictured: Nuna Revv 360* Rotating Convertible Car Seat)

Anti-Rebound Bar

An anti-rebound bar can be a crucial and effective safety feature during the unfortunate circumstance of an accident. It acts to significantly reduce the movement of the car seat as it is pushed into the vehicle seat. As expected, your car seat will rotate towards the front of the car, but the anti-rebound bar catches on the back seat and halts further movement, thus protecting your child from unnecessary injury. Both the Nuna REVV and Nuna EXEC come equipped with an anti-rebound bar, while the Nuna RAVA does not.

Calf Support

Your child grows at a rapid rate for the first few years of their life, and ample space can come in handy while secured in a car seat. The Nuna RAVA sports a flip-out extension for calf support that adds 2” as your child grows to ensure comfort, the Nuna EXEC has an 8” leg rest that can be extended even further by 1.5”, and the Nuna REVV has no additional calf support.

Magnetic Buckle Holders

The convenience of the day-to-day usage of your car seat is always something to consider. With Nuna’s magnetic buckle holders, you can easily place the buckle of your harness straps to the outside of the seat, making the process of putting in and taking out your child hassle-free. Both the Nuna REVV and the Nuna EXEC come equipped with these convenient holders, while the Nuna RAVA does not.

Weight and Height Limitations

Every car seat has its own limitations when it comes to weight and height when determining whether to rear-face or forward-face your child. While the laws vary state-by-state, and a lot is left up to parents – It’s always wise to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, so the importance of considering each seat’s varying capabilities cannot be overstated. The Nuna RAVA says your child needs to be between 5 and 50 pounds to safely rear-face, and between 25-65 lbs. to forward-face. Its height limit is 49” tall regardless of the direction of installation.

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The Nuna REVV has the same limitations for both rear and forward facing, saying the child must only be between 5-40 lbs. and 43” tall or less.

The Nuna EXEC allows for children between 5-50 lbs. and under 49” tall to be rear-facing and between 25-65 lbs. forward-facing. However, the EXEC also converts into a booster unlike the RAVA or REVV, and allows children up to 120 lbs. 38-57” tall, and 4+ years of age to be secured within it.

Included Accessories

All three Nuna car seats come with accessories, but they vary by seat. The Nuna RAVA, for example, includes one set of infant inserts that allow extra comfort for small children without sacrificing safety – While the REVV includes two sets. The EXEC ups the ante by including two sets of infant inserts and a seat slipcover.

Now that we’ve covered the major differences in all three seats, which do you think best suits your growing family? Which perks can you not live without, and which seem unnecessary for what you’re looking for? We hope this greatly aided in coming to a decision, and look forward to receiving your order on! As always, if you have any lingering questions, please reach out to use via phone or email at your convenience!

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