Instagram: UPPAbaby Cruz Vs. Nuna Mixx

Hey guys! Enelio from – and one of you asked me which is easier to fold the UPPAbaby Cruz or the Nuna Mixx? Well, right off the bat, the one advantage Mixx has is that the Mixx does have a flat laying seat for newborns where the cruise needs to have an infant insert. The Cruz only folds with a stroller seat facing forward by lining up two frames, pull the two triggers goes down to the ground and it folds nice and compact. The Mixx gives you the opportunity of folding it both ways with the seat laying down or with the seat facing forward by flipping it all the way forward. Turn the seat around and it'll fold in that position as well. Apply the brake, pull the two triggers, bring it all the way back and there is a comparison Nuna Mixx up against an UPPAbaby Cruz. If you have any questions or comments about how to do any one of these configurations, please leave them below.

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Jan 24th 2022 Enelio
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