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Today Enelio answers: Can the  Bugaboo Bee 6 be your ONLY stroller? The answer is YES! The Bee 6 can be attached to a bassinet, can be turned into a travel system, has a rear and front facing seat included, and can have a sibling board attached!

Boasting that it is the “The New City Stroller”, the  Bugaboo Bee 6 offers incredible comfort and support while not skipping on its sleek and compact design. It really is the perfect stroller for the “always on the go” city parents!

With its compact design, the  Bee 6 folds simply and effortlessly with one hand. This promises that it’s easy to carry both the stroller and your little one up and down stairs while safely holding the baby close to you. Whenever you want to store it in your hallway outside your apartment, your closet, or next to a table, the integrated self-stand will keep it neatly in place at all times. Its compact size helps you easily get in and out of public transportation, which makes it the perfect choice for the hustle and bustle of a city - the days of worrying about the stroller on the subway or bus are gone! Together, all these aspects make it so maneuvering with your little one is always a breeze. You can enjoy the stroller from day one right out of the box or add extra padding for your newborn with the Bugaboo bassinet, which allows the baby to lay flat on sleepy days or during naptime. And, for added protection, the Bugaboo Bee 6 now includes a rotating bumper bar! Perfect to ensure that little bumps along the way will not disturb your sleeping child. Bugaboo also added a new sun canopy design and high performance seat fabric with extra ventilation features, ensuring that baby’s comfort is number one when on the go.

Bugaboo Bee 6

The  Bugaboo Bee 6 promised to be easy to drive at all times. The major aspect that separates this compact and easy to use city stroller apart from others is the bigger than average, puncture proof wheels. City streets can be uneven and worn, and bigger, more reliable wheels means less bumps and longer naps on the go. And, the advanced suspension helps with extra shock absorption and lets you keep a smooth push with only one hand, ensuring that you are able to sip your coffee and securely maneuver your baby at the same time! The new and improved seat design now has extra ventilation holes in the back to ensure the baby receives adequate air flow on stuffy days, and it’s covered with a unique high performance fabric made from a breathable mesh material. These new features provide extra breeziness and reduce heat buildup for your child during warm days. This stroller really does offer an awesome option for busy city parents!

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Jun 6th 2021 Enelio
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