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Today, Enelio introduces the Cybex Gazelle S stroller, perfect for busy city parents!

Experience the fun and freedom of shopping in the city with the Gazelle S stroller! With a complementary detachable shopping basket combined with a huge stroller basket, this is the ideal stroller for always on-the-go parents, whether you’re visiting the weekly market or browsing stores in the city center. The stroller also grows with your family, supporting over twenty different configurations of seat units, cots or any Cybex infant car seats, so customizing your little one’s smooth ride is virtually perfect. And, with the ability to shield your child from the elements with an extendable sun canopy made of UPF50+ protective fabric, the Cybex Gazelle S really protects the baby from the sun, especially during naptime. With a mesh window for breathability and healthy air circulation on hot days, the baby is always comfortable and ready to go. Ready from birth, the stroller seat’s ergonomic lie-flat position makes the Gazelle S the ideal choice from the very beginning of your family’s journey. The adaptability and simplicity of this stroller promises to revolutionize the way you shop! With a range of stroller features, the Cybex Gazelle S promises to make every city excursion with your family enjoyable as never before. The complementary detachable shopping basket effortlessly clicks on and off the frame, and includes a huge stroller basket at the base of the stroller. With a combined basket capacity of 50 pounds, it couldn’t be easier to carry your shopping and all your essentials on your trip around town. With the promised compact fold, storing away your Cybex Gazelle S is a breeze! At the end of your trip, simply fold the stroller into a compact package. The stroller fits virtually anywhere, including the trunks of smaller cars or tiny city apartment closets.

Cybex Gazelle S

The Gazelle S can support up to 23 different configurations of seat units, cots, car seats, and its detachable shopping basket. For a single child, it can be used with the carry cot, one of Cybex’s compatible car seats or other available car seat unit can be mounted onto the Gazelle S frame, simply with the purchase of the adapter. The detachable shopping basket is also included on the frame to carry all of your day-to-day essentials and all of baby’s day-to-day necessities as well. To carry two children or different-aged siblings, the shopping basket can be replaced with another cot, seat unit or car seat to allow several different riding combinations. For twin babies, the Gazelle S can carry two cots, seat units or car seats with the purchase of additional adapters. This allows the two children to travel with the same level of comfort. Weighing in at just 27.7 pounds, the Cybex Gazelle S is available in a deep navy blue, a classic and clean beige, a light soho grey, and a dark, deep black. Lightweight and durable, this stroller is perfect for the always busy and bustling city streets, and the parents that thrive though this lifestyle!

Cybex Gazelle S

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Mar 19th 2021 Enelio
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