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Today Enelio compares the Babyzen Yoyo 2 and the Bugaboo Bee 6!

The YOYO² promises to be the most durable and easy to maneuver stroller possible as it folds and unfolds in a moment, can be worn over the shoulder and tucks in anywhere. Now YOYO has a new look and evolves into YOYO² to offer even more comfort and practicality, with a new reinforced frame, independent suspensions on the 4 wheels and a handlebar in faux leather.

Still just as lightweight and compact, YOYO² has double the agility and ingenuity to make your life even easier!

The YOYO² stroller by BABYZEN promises to grow with your child, starting with the 0+ newborn pack! From birth, install the 0+ newborn pack on the frame, which allows you to lay the baby completely flat, facing you, always within your sight. The 0+ newborn pack has been designed to give your baby maximum comfort, thanks to its soft, cozy nest pad, specially designed to accommodate newborns. With this version, YOYO² folds and unfolds with one hand, with your child in your arms. It includes a reinforced mattress which lies completely flat, head support and foot cover, a 5-point harness, a pop-up hood with 2 different opening positions, and anti-UV fabric (UPF 50+) treated with waterproofing. It also folds into an ultra compact single element. And in version 0+, with handlebar folded, you can change your baby with ease. The armrests will help you carry the stroller upstairs with total ease. It promises to be lightweight for a scalable stroller weighing in at just 13.6 to 14.5 pounds and includes a carry on the shoulder with its padded shoulder strap and a carrying bag.

(Pictured: Babyzen YOYO² stroller)

Next is the 6+ color pack for 6 months and up. At 6 months, your child is ready to discover the outside world, facing the road. Simply swap the textiles in the 0+ newborn pack with the 6+ color pack. The 6+ pack includes a comfortable seat cushion, a 5-point harness, a multi-position reclining backrest, a canopy window for keeping a constant eye on your child, zipped back pocket to store essentials close at hand, and an anti-UV fabric (UPF 50+) treated with waterproofing. The YOYO² protects your child up to a weight of 48.5 pounds and comes in a choice of 2 colors for the stroller frame: black or white. And, with 9 fabrics colors to choose from, you can mix and match as you like. The color options are: ginger, peppermint, toffee, aqua, black, grey, taupe, red and Air France blue. They are available in the 0+ newborn pack and the 6+ color pack, as well as in the whole range of BABYZEN accessories. All fabrics are machine washable. The extendable hood with UV protection (UPF 50+) treated with waterproofing.

YOYO² is so compact that it can be stored in the smallest space at home, takes up very little space in the trunk of a car and can even be carried on the plane in both 0+ and 6+ variants.With the handlebar folded, your YOYO² passes under the metro barrier, can be coat-checked at the restaurant and fits easily in the reduced space of an elevator.

The new YOYO² stroller benefits from unparalleled flexibility and cushioning, thanks to the new, individual suspensions on all 4 wheels, allowing the stroller to perfectly navigate all types of surface. The Hytrel® elastomer suspension promises a smooth ride and the new handlebar in soft faux leather, a pleasure to grip. It also includes a tether strap and a basket that supports up to 11.02 pounds that is easily accessible from the front or back. The YOYO² is designed to last as it is extremely strong and light thanks to its high quality materials. With its aluminum alloy, stainless steel and fibre-glass reinforced technical plastics, your stroller will last for several generations, and, as a high-end product, the YOYO² stroller is primarily screw-assembled, easily dismountable, repairable or recyclable. A stroller designed to last, to keep, to give, to resell or to recycle. All the BABYZEN products and accessories that fit YOYO+ also fit YOYO².

Boasting that it is the “The New City Stroller”, the Bugaboo Bee 6 offers incredible comfort and support while not skipping on its sleek and compact design. It really is the perfect stroller for the “always on the go” city parents!

With its compact design, the Bee 6 folds simply and effortlessly with one hand. This promises that it’s easy to carry both the stroller and your little one up and down stairs while safely holding baby close to you. Whenever you want to store it in your hallway outside your apartment, your closet, or next to a table, the integrated self-stand will keep it neatly in place at all times. Its compact size helps you easily get in and out of public transportation, which makes it the perfect choice for the hustle and bustle of a city - the days of worrying about the stroller on the subway or bus are gone! Together, all these aspects make it so maneuvering with your little one is always a breeze. You can enjoy the stroller from day one right out of the box or add extra padding for your newborn with the Bugaboo bassinet, which allows baby to lay flat on sleepy days or during naptime. And, for added protection, the Bugaboo Bee 6 now includes a rotating bumper bar! Perfect to ensure that little bumps along the way will not disturb your sleeping child. Bugaboo also added a new sun canopy design and high performance seat fabric with extra ventilation features, ensuring that baby’s comfort is number one when on the go.

The Bugaboo Bee 6 promised to be easy to drive at all times. The major aspect that separates this compact and easy to use city stroller apart from others is the bigger than average, puncture proof wheels. City streets can be uneven and worn, and bigger, more reliable wheels means less bumps and longer naps on the go. And, the advanced suspension helps with extra shock absorption and lets you keep a smooth push with only one hand, ensuring that you are able to sip your coffee and securely maneuver your baby at the same time! The new and improved seat design now has extra ventilation holes in the back to ensure the baby receives adequate air flow on stuffy days, and it’s covered with a unique high performance fabric made from a breathable mesh material. These new features provide extra breeziness and reduce heat buildup for your child during warm days. This stroller really does offer an awesome option for busy city parents!

(Pictured: Bugaboo Bee6 Lemon Yellow)

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Oct 16th 2020 Bambi Baby

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