Bigger & Better! The Veer Cruiser XL

Bigger & Better! The Veer Cruiser XL

February 24, 2023

They say “the bigger, the better” right? Well, the Veer Cruiser just got bigger! Now with seating for 4, the Cruiser XL offers maximum space for your little ones! Take this wagon anywhere with you whether it be day camps, festivals, the beach or the park. Infants or toddlers, there’s room for everyone! Push. Pull. Twist. Turn. Beach. Snow. Mud. Rocks. They haven’t invented a season or a terrain yet that Cruiser XL can’t navigate.

Price: $799

Just like the Cruiser, the Cruiser XL is lightweight and compact — nobody likes a bulky wagon! Weighing at about 36 pounds, this wagon has a fast fold which makes storing and transporting super easy. The Cruiser XL fits comfortably in the boot of a mini and many other vehicles. This wagon is undoubtedly easy to operate! You can push it. You can pull it. You can twist or turn it! Car seat adapters are also available in almost any brand!

If you and your family enjoy the outdoors, then the Veer Cruiser XL is perfect for you! This is an all terrain, all season wagon, making it the ideal pick to bring along to your family trips. Whether you’re going camping, taking a day hike, going to the beach or walking up a snowy hill, you are guaranteed a smooth and safe ride for your children.

Accessorize The Cruiser XL

Retractable Canopy XL

Price: $69

Foldable Storage Basket XL

Price: $89


Feb 24th 2023 Enelio
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