Bambi Baby: Preparing a Baby Registry

There are so many benefits to creating a baby registry: they allow family and friends to see what they can get your little one for when they arrive. But understanding what to place on a baby registry can be difficult. Here are a few things you will need to know when preparing a registry.

Cover all bases.
Most online registries offer suggestions of what categories you should fill when preparing for a baby. They generally range from feeding and diapering to toys and travel. Try to place at least 5-10 things in each category. Most registries also help by listing the most popular and most reliable brands as suggestions. Yes, you may not need it all when a baby is born, but running out to buy a humidifier with a two day old can be more stressful than having to return one down the line.

Get your style (and only what you need).
Each parent has a particular taste, and some family and friends aren’t super familiar with your preferences. Registering for items in specific colors or brands helps immensely. You are able to register for the style of things you like, and you’ll always know what you’re getting. And, registries help to prevent duplicate items. No one needs eight different diaper pails from eight different people.

More is always better.
It does not hurt to register for more things than you think you'll need. Not sure the baby will love that baby swing? Add it anyway. As a parent, you never know what toys a baby will like and not like, and no two children are the same in their tastes. Keep in mind, there is always a return policy for registries. This can mean store credit, and worst case, you can always use the credit to purchase other things. Babies will always need diapers!

Try things out.
Of course, babies come in all shapes and sizes. A registry is a great way to get a variety of things to try out and see what baby prefers. Great examples of this are diapers and bottles. Some diapers fit babies better than others, and babies may prefer one type of bottle nipple over another. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly what baby likes without making multiple runs to a store to figure it out.

Get those big ticket items.
Registering for a more expensive item is a great way for friends or family members to band together and get you that big gift that you were hesitant to get for yourself. Family is always going to celebrate you and your little one, so if a handful of friends go in the stroller you love but can’t necessarily afford yourself, what’s the harm?

Categories that should always be covered.
Some baby categories are more important than others. While babies won’t be physically playing with toys until they are two to three months old, they will always need other things. Some of the most important categories to fill are:

  • Feeding - baby bottles, a bottle sterilizer, multiple nipple sizes, spoons, bowls, formula (if you choose) and a bottle warmer are crucial items on your list.
  • Diapering - diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream will be needed from day one.
  • Bathing - generally by their four-week checkup, your little one will be cleared for their first bath. A tub with an infant insert, baby wash, lotion, towels, and washcloths are must-haves. Don’t forget the water toys!
  • Baby health & safety - Baby first aid kits, a nose clearer, baby medicine, a thermometer, nail files and clippers are important.
  • Nursery - crib bedding, a sound machine, a diaper pail, and baby monitor are must have for your little one’s nursery.

Finding the right stuff for your little one can be hard, but having the basics covered can make preparing for a baby so much easier. Registries prevent mistakes, and allow options for so many amazing products. 

Jul 21st 2021 Allie
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