Nuna MIXX Next vs UPPAbaby Cruz V2 : This or That?

Nuna MIXX Next vs UPPAbaby Cruz V2 - Full Stroller Comparison

One of our most commonly requested comparisons is finally here – Two powerhouse strollers and their features go head-to-head in order to find your ideal match.

After hearing so much about not only the iconic Nuna strollers and UPPAbaby strollers but these incredible products they’ve designed – It’s easy to feel torn about which direction to take. Both the MIXX Next and the Cruz V2 are luxurious, innovative, convenient, and beautiful; but which of the two have features that matter most for your lifestyle? Stick around to find out.


Both the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 and the Nuna MIXX Next are bassinet capable, which is naturally a bonus. But the MIXX Next comes equipped with a fully reclining lay-down seat, making it entirely optional without any additional attachments. Simply press the buttons on either side to adjust the seat in lieu of a bassinet out of preference or in a pinch. The Cruz V2 allows you to opt out of a bassinet attachment as well, but its pivoting seat requires an infant insert to do so.

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Bassinet


While both strollers have adjustable handles, the MIXX Next extends higher than the Cruz V2 for a taller parent. So if you and your partner have wildly different heights, or you’re both on the taller side – this would likely be a major bonus for you. Otherwise, you may never utilize the feature.


The MIXX Next and Cruz V2 also differ in canopy size. The Cruz V2 has an extra large canopy, while the MIXX Next has a bit of a shallow canopy in comparison. This difference is important based on, you guessed it, lifestyle. If you’re a family that is out and about regardless of nap time, a larger canopy would be beneficial to aid in keeping your bundle of joy sheltered from the sun.

Nuna Mixx Next


The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 definitely sports a sturdier footrest than the flexible one equipped on the Nuna MIXX Next. If a firm and adjustable footrest is high on your priority list, you’ll likely lean Cruz in this department. There are plenty of other pros and cons to consider before making your final call, though, so stay with us!


An important aspect of your stroller to consider is the ride. With larger wheels and full suspension, the MIXX Next will offer a much smoother ride on unpredictable and uneven terrain. However, the smaller wheels and extra large basket on the Cruz V2 would serve your child a perfectly comfortable ride in a suburban setting.

Fold, Weight, and Final Thoughts

Despite the MIXX folding to be far more compact than the Cruz, the weight difference is slim to none – MIXX Next weighing in at 24.4lbs and Cruz at 25.5lbs. So, the final decision rests in your hands: which features are at the top of your list when determining your dream stroller? Which of these two checks more boxes for you and your family’s lifestyle? We hope this helped condense the endless info on varying websites to make your choice far easier, and are here to answer any residual questions you may have via Instagram, phone, or email. 

IG Review

Hey guys, you asked for it, so here it is. Here's a comparison of the Nuna MIXX Next against the UPPAbaby Cruz. There's a lot of variety in these strollers and they're head-to-head competitors in the full featured class. Now, the Nuna MIXX Next gives you a full recline lay-down seat, so the bassinet is an option. The Cruz has a pivoting seat, and requires an insert. Let's point out some of the differences. The Nuna MIXX Next has larger wheels, full suspension, flat recline, adjustable height in the handle (which is definitely taller), a shallow canopy, and not the greatest foot support. The UPPAbaby Cruz has a recline, needs an insert, an extra large canopy, adjustable height in the handle, nice-sized wheels, and a humongous basket. So there are pros and cons to either one of these two. You have to apply it to yourself, to your lifestyle. The fold on the MIXX by far is smaller. The fold on the Cruz is a little bigger. Weight is very similar. Adaptability to double doesn't happen. If you have any questions, or comments, we want to hear your comments. Leave them down below. It's really important. And share this with your friends.

Aug 31st 2022 Enelio
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