Welcome to Bambi Baby

Providing excellence in customer service is in our DNA. From the first day our  store opened over 44 years ago in West New York, New Jersey we have prided ourselves in educating our customers and helping new parents as they navigate the parenthood and new baby journey. We know how overwhelming it can be with all the platforms and information that is out there for you. That is why we at Bambi Baby work hard in educating ourselves so that we can take the stress load off of you. We like to bring the fun back to this exciting time! Knowledge is the key and providing informative videos is what we love to do!

From car seats to convertible cribs and everything in between we are here for you! Scroll through our website, visit our social platforms such as  Instagram and YouTube. DM us or call our Customer Service team. 

Welcome to the  Bambi Baby Family!

We are ready for you. Thank you for trusting us! 

May 3rd 2021 Enelio
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