Tulip Leander Waterproof Pad oval for Leander Crib


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Every child deserves a Healthy Nursery in the healthiest sleep environment, which also means having a safe mattress to sleep on! Made in Canada, Essentia's new Baby Jeanius mattresses and mattress pads provide a natural, safe and comfortable sleep for your child. A great alternative to conventional mattresses made with plastics and adhesives!
There are many benefits for children using Baby Jeanius' Waterproof Mattress Pads:
1. Medical Grade Waterproof Liner
The mattress protector is of medical grade and is completely safe for your baby. It is built for durability, but can still be machine washed for easy maintenance.
2. Anti-Slip Grip
The protector is meant to go between your mattress and crib sheets for ultra protection and also has an added anti-slip grip to reduce shifting while your baby sleeps.
3. Hypopallergenic and Dust Mite Deterrent
Dust mites are the leading cause of respiratory reactions while sleeping. Fibers such as polyester batting, coconut fibers and wool are common nesting grounds for dust mites. The mattress protector does not attract dust mites, and is hypoallergenic.
4. Three Unique Layers
The waterproof mattress pad is composed of 3 unique layers -- a layer of unbleached organic cotton, a waterproof protector, and a soft-grip, anti-shift cotton layer to keep the protector in place and reduce movement.

Easily removable and machine washable
Durable and made to last
Made in Canada
UCLA tested, VOC and Formaldehyde free
Tested by Doctor Oz!

Essentia's Baby Jeanius products are designed with parents' best interest in mind, so you can sleep comfortably knowing that your baby is completely safe.
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3 true Please allow 12-14 weeks for this item to ship.