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The Perfect SAT Prep Regimen

From nearly the minute you are conceived everything you do is “setting you up for a successful future”. In order to attain a successful future you must first graduate college, but before you do that you must get into college-- and that is where the SAT comes in. One, four hour long, exam that determines your future. Your future is contingent on just one number. However, if you don’t do as well as you hoped, don’t stress too much, for it is inevitable that failing this exam will still land you a quality job at the local fast food chain.  Naturally, some students don’t score nearly as well as others, and in turn they aren’t successful, but don’t worry this is a problem that is relatively simple to solve. With just a little bit of hard work and dedication, the College Board will meet its match.

Firstly, it is essential that SAT prep begins as early as possible. If you thought freshman year was early, boy are you mistaken. If you don’t want to end up on the unemployment list, listen carefully. Hopefully your parents read this prior to your birth, if not, it’s already too late. While some suggest listening to Mozart in the womb to stimulate brain growth is beneficial, that simply isn’t enough. In addition to listening to some of the world’s finest composers, you must begin listening to audio tutoring programs. Don’t be foolish and focus solely on one subject, feel free to incorporate all three sections of the test. In fact, if you aren’t willing to work to recieve the proper foundation, there is no hope.

Secondly, it is also critical that the post birth preparation begins almost immediately. While other children are practicing not coloring outside of the lines, feel free to do the same. However while they are completing princess coloring books, you must be bubbling in scantrons to perfection. You will have your technique down before you can even write your name.

As you advance through grade school it is imperative that your work ethic is unfaltering.  When the teacher makes the announcement that it is DEAR time, your class will “drop everything and read”. Looking around the room students will have books in their hands such asThe Magic Tree House series or thrilling Judy B. Jones classics. Not you though, in your hands will be some of the most recommended preparation books, such as Kaplan and the Princeton Review.  As you progress through the school system, your first test date will be rapidly approaching.

Middle school should become synonymous with mock test. At least one full test must be completed a week. Also if you can’t find time to do three timed sections a day, it is likely that universities across the nations can’t find a place for you in their freshmen class.

When you enter ninth grade, your time becomes crucial. Every waking minute, you should spend drilling vocabulary words into your head. Each test has approximately 19 sentence completion questions; so with 19 of the 160 total questions potentially in the bag, you are bound to be successful. After all, the cramming of billions of words will most definitely correlate to a perfect critical reading score.

With all 16+ years of your preparation the test won’t seem so daunting on that early saturday morning. Speaking of test day, I have a few last minute suggestions to skyrocket your score. While you don’t technically have to report to the center till 7:45 AM, a 4 AM wake up call is indispensable. This will give you a superfluous amount of time to complete a 5k run. Yes, 5k. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that sharpen one’s ability to learn and think quickly, so in reality is it not too absurd of a demand for you to complete a 5k on test day.

It is still unlikely that you will reach your target score (2400) on your first attempt, but that is what is so great about the SAT. You can take it as many times as you want! Hopefully you will get 800’s across the board, but in the event that you don’t you can always superscore. I highly  recommended to take every available test date your junior year, and however many you can complete before your applications are due senior year. That adds up to about 10 complete tests, and 40 hours of your life that you will never get back. But remember, none of this is required; there is always that enticing job at the fast food chain. If these steps aren’t meticulously followed, many students in the nation will continue blowing away their futures, and is that really what we want?

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