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Stages of Development: Crawling

It all begins when your baby learns how to balance on his or her hands and knees, and eventually begins pushing with his or her knees to move forward. It is the first step towards your baby's development of the muscles that will soon allow him or her to walk and outgrow the nursery set.

Your baby is ready to start crawling when she can hold her head up on her own to look around, while sitting up. This most commonly occurs when your child is about 8 months old. This stage of her development means that her back muscles are strong enough to keep her from falling while balancing on her hands and knees. Oftentimes, you’ll see your baby gripping the rails from her crib for support.

From the sitting position, your baby will learn to smoothly transition between sitting up straight to balancing on his hands and knees. Once he has this balancing act down, he will likely begin to sway, curious about his new muscles. Eventually, he will figure out that if he pushes hard enough, he will get some force that allows him to move around! Somewhere around 9-10 months he will figure it out, and when he is 11 months old, he will probably have figured out how to go back to the sitting position from crawling.

Babies often are mobile before they begin crawling, so, if your baby is often seen doing the booty scoot, you should be proud! Any kind of movement before this age – rolling or slithering around, even in the baby crib – is a good sign of your child exploring his or her newfound muscles!

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