Pali Torino Collection Toddler Guard Rail in Slate

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Pali Torino Collection Toddler Guard Rail (Slate)

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Torino Toddler Guard Rail Dimensions:
55 x 20 x 1

Torino (Turin in English) is the capital of the Piedmont region, in North-West Italy. It is located on the Po, Italy's longest river, between Milan, the Thyrrenian Sea and the Alps. It has been the first capital of Italy (from 1861 to 1865) and one of the first industrial centers of the country. It still is home, among other, of the Fiat Group (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati...) the Juventus Football Club and the most important Egyptian museum outside Egypt.

You might also know Torino for being the host of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, the giandiuiotti (delicious hazelnut chocolates) and its most symbolic building, the beautiful Mole Antonelliana.

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