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Dear Orbit Baby Families,

As you know, one of the reasons why Bryan and I started Orbit Baby was to push for making greener and safer baby gear. At Orbit Baby, we’ve cared for a long time about the chemical safety of the strollers and car seats that we design and manufacture, and we have always gone above and beyond the current regulations on the harmful chemicals used as flame retardants – after all, we use these products every day for our own young families.

In support of the general importance of this topic, the Green Science Policy Institute recently published a study calling attention to potentially harmful flame retardant chemicals used in children’s products. In the study, chemicals associated with health risks were found in 80% of the baby products tested, including car seats and strollers. While the study has understandably raised concerns among parents and professionals, I am happy that your families and ours have been able to have the peace of mind provided by the orbitgreen™: eco-certified program.

Along with the study, The Green Science Policy Institute published The Safe Kids Buyer’s Guide, in which Orbit Baby is highlighted as one of only four companies doing the hard work necessary to provide baby products free of harmful chemicals. Our efforts include:

  • All Orbit Baby G2 fabrics and foams are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and adhere to limits or bans on nearly 200 potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Our products comply to the flame retardancy standard California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB 117), discussed in the Green Science Policy Institute study, while meeting industry-leading chemical safety guidelines. In addition, Orbit Baby car seats also meet the even more stringent FMVSS302 car seat flame retardancy standard without using the potentially harmful chemicals discussed in the study.
  • Our Green Edition Footmuffs feature Orbit Baby’s proprietary OrganicFR™ fabric, an organic cotton blend that meets the FMVSS302 flame retardancy standard without the use of any chemicals at all.
  • Orbit Baby also makes the first PVC-free stroller and car seat rain shields in the world.
  • Please click here to read more about the extra steps we take to ensure the chemical safety and baby-safe flame retardancy of Orbit Baby products.

As Orbit Baby families, you know more than anyone that we offer a premium product line – I am proud of the fact that we give you smart value by using some of the best and most expensive materials available. This is all in an effort to deliver the highest quality and safest products that we can. Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics and foams, innovative organic cotton blends, and PVC-free materials are some of the reasons why I’ve always used Orbit Baby products for my own children with complete confidence.


Joseph Hei
President – Cofounder – Chloe & Zoe’s dad

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