• Joolz Uni Organizer Forest Green
  • Joolz Uni Organizer Forest Green
  • Joolz Uni Organizer Forest Green

Joolz Uni Organizer Forest Green

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This one's for the parents who like things tidy, neat and within reach! (Is that even possible?). The Joolz organizer is the definition of practicality, without sacrificing style. With its sleek and chic design, this handy accessory offers a convenient solution for traveling light. A perfect alternative to large changing bags where literally everything gets lost in. Thanks to the multiple pockets and compartments, you’re able to keep a bottle, diapers, snacks and wipes close wherever you go. Plus, a front pocket ensures your personal items stays safe and secure.

Versatile Storage

With different inside pockets, the organiser offers uncluttered storage for essentials like bottles, diapers, toys, phone, and keys, ensuring everything is within easy reach on the go.

Secure Closure

The zipper closure offers reliable protection for your belongings, ensuring they stay safe and secure going out. 

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