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Romina Cribs

Romina Cribs

The Romina baby furniture brand has been passed down for several generations, and pieces of furniture are not simply objects to them – they are made with love and care. They, like we, believe that each piece of furniture you bring into your home is a living being, which bonds to and with your home, your family, and your way of living. The piece you choose must be durable, but also aesthetically charming enough to purchase. Romina cribs embody these ideas and make excellent furniture pieces for your child’s special nursery.

For thee generations of wood crafting, the Romina family has learned that every new piece of technology used to craft their furniture has one sole purpose: to reveal the inner soul of wood, in order to customize a crib or piece of furniture for you. The Romina furniture family preserves the original qualities of the wood they use, while inventively creating beautiful furniture pieces for your baby’s new room.

Romina designs their baby furniture with traditional European style, which adds character to any room. Your child will grow with his or her crib, armoire, dresser, or what ever it may be, for years to come. Romina baby cribs are long lasting and made from components of the highest quality. They prepare their limber, utilize the most advanced wood crafting technologies, and set standards to make sure their furniture will not only provide you with satisfaction, but your children and grand children as well. We at Bambi Baby stand by Romina cribs and carry a wide variety of their crib collections and furniture pieces. Browse our Romina crib sale, with collections including Antonio, Cleopatra, Imperio, Karisma, Nerva, Ventianni, and Verona to rock your baby safely to sleep every night.

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