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Natart Cribs

Natart Cribs

Bambi Baby stands by the safety and security of your child. While your baby is sleeping in his or her crib, you expect that crib to provide or exceed the same level of comfort and safety as your arms do. For this reason, we sell and ship a variety of Natart cribs. The brand produces cribs that are safe for your child's daily use.


All of Natart's cribs either meet or exceed voluntary and mandatory crib standards put into effect by the American Society for Testing and Materials, the consumer product safety commission, the United States JPMA Certification Program, and Health Canada. Each and every one of Natart's cribs has been tested by an independent, third party testing facility in the United States.


Both Bambi Baby and Natart believe that what you put into your crib determines what you get out of them. Natart pays great attention to how their cribs are constructed and what materials go into them. All of their cribs are constructed from solid wood, whether it be birch, beech, or oak. Moreover, their high resistance finishes are strategically applied in layers to reduce the likelihood of scratches on the crib over time. All of Natart's cribs are Greenguard certified, to assure you that your child will be in the best care possible.


All of Natart's products are safe for your child and family. While Natart's cribs are one of the safest investments you can make for your baby's nursery, they certainly do not skimp on style. Natart's collections come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to match your taste and your little one's nursery perfectly.


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