• Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat in Tokidoki Rebel 2.0
  • Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat in Tokidoki Rebel 2.0

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat in Tokidoki Rebel 2.0



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The Clek Foonf Car Seat is the mother of all car seats. All of Clek’s engineering brain power has come together in this tank of child safety technology. But don’t worry, their focus on safety doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about comfort or convenience - this car seat is the whole package!

Extended Rear Facing
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping your child rear facing in the car for as long as possible. It’s a safer position and provides more protection in the event of an accident. That’s why Clek designed the Foonf to have a higher rear facing weight limit of 50 pounds. The extended rear facing capabilities of the Clek Foonf allow an average child to remain rear facing until they are 4 years old. They can also take advantage of three recline positions to be more comfortable while in the seat.

Heavy Duty Frame
You wouldn’t trust your child’s safety in a crash to a plastic car seat and that’s why Clek made the Foonf with steel and magnesium instead. Deep side wings protect your child from vehicle intrusion in side impacts. Steel bars connect the adjustable headrest and prevent twisting during a collision.

Anti Rebound Bar
The Clek Foonf comes with an anti rebound bar made of steel that stabilizes the car seat during an impact. The anti rebound bar is used when the car seat is rear facing in the vehicle and prevents the Foonf from rebounding due to frontal impacts or twisting from side impacts. The anti rebound bar also gives an extra 1-2 inches of legroom for your baby so they will be more comfortable for longer.

Energy Absorbing EPP Foam
Foam is used to line the Foonf and absorb impacts, keeping your child safe. Clek uses a type of foam called EPP foam instead of EPS foam to line their car seats. EPP foam is the type of material used in vehicle bumpers for its impact absorbing capabilities. It is a less brittle foam that can withstand wear and tear over time better than EPS foam does. This reduces the risk of the foam lining cracking or snapping and increases side impact protection.

Integrated Crumple Technology
Similar to the crumple zones built into your vehicle, the Clek Foonf has aluminum honeycomb deformable cores that are built into its base. These crumple zones, called the REACT Safety System, redirect crash forces away from your child in an accident when the car seat is in both rear and forward facing modes. Instead of jolting forward in a crash, the crumple zones will cause the car seat to drop down and as the aluminum honeycomb is compressed the force of the crash is diffused.

Rigid LATCH Installation
When installed rear facing, the Foonf can be installed quickly and easily using the LATCH connectors in your car. This method of installation ensures that you always have your car seat installed correctly and securely. Once your little one graduates to forward facing, a visible belt path and belt tensioning lockoffs help you get all the slack out of the vehicle seat belt for a super tight installation.

Performance Fabrics
The Clek Foonf comes in several fabric options, all of which are free from harsh brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Jersey Knit is their softest fabric which feels like a soft pair of pajamas and is ideal for sensitive skin. The C-Zero Plus Performance Collection of fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold certified and made with Crypton to resist stains, smells, and bacteria growth. These Crypton fabrics also come in a premium tailored version for a sleeker look in the car. The Mammoth Collection is Clek’s most eco friendly fabric that are made from a unique blend of Merino Wool and TENCEL®, making them both temperature regulating and breathable.

Capable of Three-Across Seating
The Clek Foonf is a favorite among Magic Beans families with multiple kids. At less than 17 inches in width, it is ideal for three-across seating arrangements. The narrow width is also ideal if you have two children and still need room for an adult in the back seat.

Recycling Program
Once your child is done using the Foonf, instead of contributing to a landfill Clek offers a car seat recycling program. You can send your Foonf back to Clek once your child has outgrown it or it has expired and they will recycle it for you. No more dumping your car seat by the side of the road!

Product Features:

  • Extended Rear Facing
  • Hand Washable Seat Cushion
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Steel Anti Rebound Bar Included
  • Recyclable Through Clek
  • Rigid LATCH Installation
  • Chemical Flame Retardant Free (Mammoth Fabrics)
  • Three Across Compatible
  • Can Be Used From Birth with Clek Infant Thingy
  • 9 Year Expiration
  • 1+2 Year Warranty Through Clek

Product Spefications:

Rear Facing Limits: 25-43 Inches, 14-50 Pounds
Rear Facing Length: 33 Inches Including Anti Rebound Bar
Forward Facing Limits: 30-49 Inches, 22-65 Pounds
Seat Width: 16.9 Inches
Product Weight: 38 Pounds Rear Facing, 33 Pounds Forward Facing

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