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When To Turn Car Seat Around

When To Turn Car Seat Around | Discover When Can You Turn a Car Seat Around - Bambi Baby
Hours of dedication went into choosing the perfect car seat, installing it properly, and ensuring comfort and safety for your bundle of joy. Yet, the question still lingers – when can you turn a car seat around to be forward-facing? Rather than jump into an opinion-based rabbit hole, let’s go head-first into the facts.So let us dive into when can your baby face forward in car seat!

Nuna Revv Car Seat

The recommendations we receive from experts are based on extensive research in the name of keeping your baby as safe as possible while riding in the car. Many tests are run to determine the dangers children in particular face in a vehicle in the tragic occurrence of an accident. Small, developing bodies are far more likely to risk fatal injury in incidents that would be minor for adults. Due to this, we have car seats specifically designed to keep babies safe; but proper installation based on height and weight still plays a huge role.

Despite the previous standard being 1 year and 20 pounds, experts at the NHTSA now say children should exceed the top weight and height recommendations given by the individual car seat manufacturers prior to turning their seats around. This could mean your child may end up rear-facing until well after their 2nd birthday, causing you to question their comfort. However, even though an older child with longer legs might appear uncomfortable or seem unhappy in the rear-facing position, children are often far more flexible than adults and can be perfectly cozy in positions that would cause us discomfort.

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While it might seem to be in their best interest to turn the seat around sooner because they seem to cry or whine while facing the seat, their safety is far more important, and there are solutions until they meet the proper requirements. A well-placed mirror, for example, can alleviate the stress of not being able to see your child while also helping to keep them entertained by being able to see you and themselves.

Safety education for new and seasoned parents alike is always our top priority and a responsibility that should be upheld by car seat merchants everywhere. That’s why Bambi Baby offers a free car seat installation and evaluation center at our Paramus, NJ location. If you or a loved one needs to start from scratch or get a professional opinion, call today to schedule a time slot with our registered CPS technician and owner, Enelio.

Sep 23rd 2022 Victoria
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