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Finding the perfect crib can be a daunting task for any parent. Knowing what baby needs to facilitate proper sleep and growth is difficult. Understanding that a crib is where baby spends the majority of their young lives is important, and providing the safe place for them to sleep is very important. Companies like Westwood Design and Fisher Price provides buyers with options that are unmatched and make choosing the proper crib easy.

(Pictured: Westwood Meadowdale Collection Convertible Crib in Cloud)

Westwood Design Crib Styles

Westwood Design provides options of beautiful collections of baby cribs and furniture that match any personal taste and style. Built to last, their beautifully crafted cribs are finished in unique colors and beautiful carved design. Westwood Design provides eleven different collections to choose from that provide style, beauty, and safety. These cribs range from a modern finish in navy, light and dark grey and black, to more classic and clean finish in pearl and cream white, to more rustic and simplistic designs in dark wood. For parents interested in a timeless and more modern cribs with intricate finished headboards, collections like the Stone Harbor and Meadowdale collection, are perfect. Available in cloud, vintage, cashew, and black, these convertible cribs will easily fit into any nursery and provide protection and safety. For parents that prefer a traditional style of crib, the Echo collection, available in white, fog, and natural, will be the perfect design of traditional crib. The Echo can also convert easily from a crib to a toddler and day bed. And, the Riley Crib, is perfect for parents that crave a more rustic finish. Available in almond and crushed white, it perfectly provides the angular and rough finish that the rustic charm calls for. Westwood Design furniture also promises safety and security for your little one, by ensuring all of their products are tested for safety, use non-toxic finishes, and are cribs and furniture that actually lasts.

(Pictured: Fisher Price Aubree Convertible Crib in Stormy Grey)

Fisher Price Crib Styles

Fisher Price, a company with an impeccable and well-known name, not only provides baby with the tools they need to play and learn, but also a space where they can sleep and grow. With ten collections of both convertible and traditional cribs in a variety of different finishes and designs, the company offers beautiful and affordable cribs in all different tastes. For parents that want to provide baby with a clean-cut and elegant design, collections like the Charlotte Rose traditional crib, with its gracefully arched end panels with hand-carved floral appliques provide a sweet vintage look. Available in snow white, this 3-in-1 is convertible from a crib to a toddler and day bed. For parents that are moving toward a more modern appeal, The Aubree collection, available in snow white, provides modern touch with a gracefully arched headboard and simple, complimentary moldings giving an affluent look. Finally, for parents that desire a more elegant and dark approach, The Newbury collection offers this, with a full-paneled headboard and is 4-in-one convertible from a crib to a toddler and day bed with headboard. All of Fisher Price’s available collections provide the option to complete any bedrooms set with the optional purchase of matching nightstands and chests. All of the collections and are made of 100% New Zealand pine.

Both companies present beautiful buying options that match any personal taste or style.

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Jan 14th 2019 Allie
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