Top 10 Essentials to keep in your diaper bag

Packing a baby and being prepared can seem daunting. It's amazing how such a small person can need so many things! Here are the top ten essential items that need to be kept in your diaper bag at all times!

1. Diapers & Wipes

This is a no brainer. Depending on how long you are staying out, keeping a day's worth (up to 12 extra diapers) and an extra pack of wipes on hand at all times is never a bad idea. The amount of diapers your little one will go through will change depending on their age, but don’t forget that accidents happen! The wipes come in handy for more than just baby accidents as well!

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2. A Changing Pad

You have the diaper and wipes - now you just need a place to change the baby. Most diaper bags come standard with a changing pad. The changing pad will put a protective layer between the baby and the surface you are changing them on, whether it be a table, a car seat, or a bathroom changing station. Not only does it protect the baby's bare bottom from germs, but it will protect your changing surface from the baby.

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3. Extra clothing

Accidents happen. It’s as simple as that. Having a spare outfit (or three) never hurts, especially if your little one is prone to spitting up or blow-outs, especially if they are between diaper sizes. Having spare outfits is also great with weather changes, ensuring baby always has something cool or cozy to be put in when needed

4. A Bib & Burp Cloth

If you are out and on the go, there is a good chance that the baby will need to eat. Packing an extra bib and burp cloth in your diaper bag can never hurt. We already talked about spare outfits - using both a bib and burp cloth can prevent you from burning through another one of the baby's outfits (and prevent the baby from messing up yours in the process).

5. Surface or Bottle Wipes

As a new parent, germs are a scary thing. Carrying certain types of wipes - such as organic, chemical free surface wipes and bottle or pacifier wipes, can be a lifesaver, especially if the baby thinks it's funny to keep spitting their pacifier out onto the floor. Surface wipes also give parents peace of mind knowing that the baby's surface is clean as they play.

6. Toys Toys Toys

Keeping a baby amused can be a difficult feat, especially when it means they are stuck somewhere they are not totally comfortable. Having a few extra toys in the diaper bag definitely can't hurt, and are a great add on when stuck in a tough spot (like in the car in traffic). Babies can really amuse themselves for a while as you are trying to get whatever you need to get done.

7. Extra Pacifiers

Depending on whether or not your baby takes one, having a few extra is never a bad idea. They are constantly dropped, spit out, and touched, and are frequently lost. There is nothing worse than being with your little one and they are hysterical because they want their pacifier and it's lost.

8. Extra Bottles & Food

Never assume that your baby is never going to be hungry, even if they are fed. Depending on their age, packing an extra bottle or snacks can be a lifesaver in a last minute situation. Babies should be constantly eating to help them to grow, and having something extra for them to snack on just in case can really make a difference.

9. Blanket

Just like having a few extra outfits for unpredictable weather, having a blanket can be a great diaper bag addition. Even having a light blanket can really play a huge role. You never know when an unscheduled nap can happen, or when the day can suddenly become chilly.

10. Hand sanitizer

You are handling not just all of the baby's things, but the baby as well. Having hand sanitizer on hand prevents you from spreading unwanted germs to babies or their things. It also comes in handy after a diaper change, too!

It may seem like a lot, but a baby's diaper bag is their means of survival. All of these things really allow for babies and parents to travel with ease. 

Jul 16th 2021 Enelio
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