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This, this or that? Nuna Next Series Comparison: Triv Next, Mixx Next, Tavo Next

This, this or that? Nuna Next Series Comparison:

Triv Next, Mixx Next, Tavo Next

by Christopher

Nuna just released the Nuna Triv Next Stroller and shortly prior, new fabric colors in the Nuna mixx next stroller. We now have a full line-up of new Nuna next series strollers, but what's the difference between all of them and what are some new features that they offer? Let's begin by telling you a little bit about each one.

Nuna Triv Next Stroller

A natural city dweller that quickly converts to a travel system, packs up easily and stands on its own when folded, becoming the perfect sidekick to your everyday adventures.

Engineered for convenience and comfort, the all-wheel suspension, one-touch braking system, and large rear wheels promise easy maneuverability and cushiony smooth city strolls - like riding on air with complete peace of mind.

This compact fold stroller is cleverly designed with a seat that faces and folds both ways, no matter what direction baby's facing. The all-season seat keeps your precious cargo snug in winter and converts to breathable mesh in summer, while the rain cover provides extra protection no matter the weather.

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Nuna Mixx Next Stroller

On the move, it’s a smooth ride you can maneuver with one hand and fold flat for deep sleeps.
Packed away, its compact fold lets it fit into tighter spaces, so you can take more trips to more places.

The mixx Nuna stroller features an all-season seat that keeps the baby cozy in chilly temps and cool in hot climates.
And the true-flat sleeper reclines in case naptime is approaching.

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Nuna Tavo Next Stroller

The Nuna TAVO Next stroller is ready to take you and your baby there. With built-in Free-flex suspension™
for a smooth ride, your little one can relax and enjoy the view or slip off to dreamland in their super-spacious seat. Nuna TAVO Next also features a compact fold-away axle™ and the MagneTech Secure Snap™ – the self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place. Plus there's a convenient storage basket
for stowing baby's essentials.

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Nuna Triv Next Nuna Mixx Next Nuna Tavo Next

Nuna Triv next stroller

Nuna Mixx next stroller

Nuna Tavo next stroller
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Stroller Features

Nuna Triv Next Stroller

• Quick, one-handed fold means less time packing and more time relaxing

• Seat faces both ways and stroller folds flat no matter what direction baby’s been facing

• Durable footrest for a more comfortable ride

• MagneTech secure snap™ is a self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place

• Stands alone when folded

• Spring suspension technology under the seat for smooth rides

• Water-repellent UPF 50+ canopy is extendable and features a flip out eye shade and window

• Easy access zippered storage pocket and oversized shopping basket for all the essentials

• One-hand on-the-go recline and height adjustable push bar

• Quick-release, five-point no-rethread harness converts to a three-point harness

• All-wheel suspension and one-touch rear brake allows for easy stop and go with just a simple top tap

• Swivel-lock front wheels

Nuna Triv Next Stroller

Nuna Mixx Next Stroller

• MagneTech Secure Snap™, the self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place

• Easy to fold, flip the seat, and switch to carry cot or car seat modes

• Compact fold-away axle™ for a more compact fold

• Rear-wheel Free Flex suspension™ and front-wheel progressive suspension technology

• Five-position flat recline

• Extendable UPF 50+ canopy

Nuna Mixx Next Stroller

Nuna Tavo Next Stroller

One-hand fold

• Extendable UPF 50+ canopy

• MagneTech Secure Snap™ buckle

• Two-position calf support

• Free-flex suspension™

• Compact fold-away axle™

Nuna Tavo Next Stroller

Nuna Tavo next, Mixx next, Triv next Strollers | Nuna Next Series Explained

The TAVO, the MIXX, and their hybrid, the TRIV are all excellent Nuna strollers. But when lined up head-to-head, which one is the best? Which one fits best with YOUR lifestyle? Will it be the compact but non-reversible TAVO, the nimble and maneuverable TRIV, or the durable and adaptable MIXX? In this video, we explain the different advantages and disadvantages of each stroller so you can make the most informed decision.

Nuna Stroller Weight and Dimensions

Nuna Triv Next Stroller Dimensions

Product Dimensions (Open): 37" L x 22.5" W x 42.25" H

Product Dimensions (Folded): 24" L x 22.5" W x 15" H

Product Weight: 18.4 lbs. without insert, armbar or canopy

Recommended Usage: Up to 50 lbs.

Nuna Mixx Next Stroller Dimensions

Product Dimensions (Open): 32.7" L x 23.6" W x 45.3" H in.

Product Dimensions (Folded): 27.5" L x 23.6" W x 19" H in.

Product Weight: 28.30 lbs. (without arm bar and insert)

Recommended Usage: Birth to 50 lbs.

Nuna Tavo Next Stroller Dimensions

Product Dimensions (Open): 28.35" L x 22.44" W x 43.7" H in.

Product Dimensions (Folded): 28.35" L x 22.44" W x 20.87" H in.

Product Weight: 23.20 lbs. (without insert, canopy, and arm bar)

Recommended Usage: Birth to 50 lbs.

Nuna Triv next stroller

Nuna Mixx next Stroller

Nuna Tavo next stroller

Oct 17th 2022 Christopher
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