Simmons Compared to Fisher Price Furniture

There is a kind of safety and relief felt when knowing that you are purchasing from brands you can fully trust. Companies like Simmons and Fisher Price are well known and trusted, which means that when purchasing a product from them, you can rely fully on what is brought into your home. Looking for an trustworthy crib that will truly last forever, can convert easily into a bed to provide consistency and support for your child, and is affordable? Simmons and Fisher Price will make that search simple.

Simmons is a brand that is well know, and has proven itself to be trustworthy over the course of so many years. Simmons present parents with an impeccable, but not overwhelming range of convertible cribs in a variety of colors and finishes that promise to truly meet and exceed and design standards parents may have. And, with their ability to transform each of their convertible cribs into a toddler, day, and full bed, simply with the purchase of rails, Simmons promises that their designs will remain timeless and fashionable to stay modern as baby grows. And, with the availability of matching furniture, Simmons also presents the options to complete any bedroom set as desired. A company known well for their adult furniture also boasts their promise for providing sound sleep for each and every little one, and with this, each crib they build meet and exceed safety standards in the United States. In their merging with Delta Children, the company strengthened their safety features by promising any materials used in the building of their products that could be harmful to baby are extremely limited. All of their cribs are GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and comply with all 3rd party lab testing regulations set forth by the CPSC/EU Commission.

Fisher Price, a company known for a child’s learning, play and growth now presents parents with the option of bringing their products into baby’s sleep schedule. After over 80 years of impeccable and reliable service to parents and children, Fisher Price baby cribs and furniture provide parents with affordable buying options that meet and exceed any safety requirements and match any personal style and taste. Like Simmons, Fisher Price’s products go through rigorous testing, and meet U.S. safety regulations and international standards. These reliable pieces will truly provide the comfort and support that baby needs to grow. Composed of New Zealand pine, and available in finishes like espresso, dark roast, vintage grey, stormy grey and misty grey, Fisher Price cribs convert easily into a toddler bed and daybed with the purchase of the necessary rails. And, to provide further support and consistency for every little one, Fisher Price presents the optional purchase of matching furniture. Look not further than the brands that your parents have trusted in past years, and brands that you will trust as your child grows, plays, and learns.

Both well known companies can promise parents with the support and security that is truly needed when it is time to bring their little one home safe and sound. Safe and affordable products that last a lifetime are the promises of both Simmons and Fisher Price.

Dec 19th 2018 Allie
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