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Hey guys! Enelio from – And if you visit any one of our locations, we have all of the products you're looking for from UPPAbaby like: the UPPAbaby Ridge or even the UPPAbaby Diaper Bag. We have G-LuxeMinu, Minu Travel System. We have the Cruz with the Ganoosh on it. We have the Vista as a stroller and the Vista converted to a double. We also have the bassinet that you can play with and connect the different strollers. We have the UPPAbaby Knoxthe Alta and the Mesa. Everything is on display at all of our stores. If you want to come into and touch and play, or if you simply want to just ask a question, just mention it down below.

If you’re a fan of UPPAbaby, we have all the UPPAbaby products you’re looking for!

From the UPPAbaby Ridge, the UPPAbaby diaper bag, the G-Lux, Minu, Cruz and many more!

Everything is on display at all of our stores if you want to see for yourself.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!


Variety, they say, is the spice of life! If you visit any of our Bambi Baby locations we have a plethora of inventory for you to choose from. We have every product you can think of from the UPPAbaby brand. These products are top of the line, providing you the utmost comfort and quality possible. We have products from the UPPAbaby Ridge, UPPAbaby diaper bags, the G-Luxe, the Minu Travel System, the Cruz, the Ganoosh, the Vista, bassinets, the UPPAbaby Nox, The UPPAbaby Alpha, The UPPAbaby Mesa just to name a few. Feel free to come visit and try out any of the products you see. To truly get your head around a product, seeing it in person is incomparable to simply looking over the same product online. We have a specially made test track for you to walk any of our strollers across to test out different terrain types. We have weights simulating the heft of young children to add to the stroller to see how they perform with a child. You can feel the quality of the different materials used. In person you’re able to observe and interact with the many features these products proudly include. On top of this, our knowledgeable staff will not only help you understand the products on a deeper level, but they’ll also assist in assessing you and your lifestyle to help you pick out the perfect product for you and your family. So coming to any of our locations to try these products out will provide you with the whole package! Expert advice along with actually getting your hands on the product will most definitely allow you to make the most informed decision oriented around you and your family specifically. This is an unmatched experience you will not have elsewhere! So don’t hesitate to come down and see for yourself what we can offer you and your family. 

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