Instagram: A Great Sleep Alternative with the Bugaboo Stand

Today Enelio introduces the Bugaboo Stand - a bassinet stand made to fit all four of Bugaboo’s bassinets. The bassinet stand promises to give babies the consistency and comfort they need, while allowing parents to know that the baby will always be well-rested, no matter the place.

Bassinets offer a great alternative for babies when strolling. When using a bassinet, the baby is able to lay down fully for the ride, and this provides a much more comfortable ride for the baby, allowing them to stretch and be able to lay flat while you stroll. A bassinet option is also great, because when a baby is able to lay flat, their digestion is supported, and there is no limit to how long they can be in the bassinet for. Infant carriers tightly lock babies in and require them to be angled a certain way where they cannot lie completely flat, and they can only stay in the seat for a few hours at a time. Bugaboo offers four strollers that come with an included bassinet - The Cameleon 3, the Fox, the Buffalo and the Donkey.

Bugaboo Bassinet Stand

Bugaboo bassinets are also a great sleep alternative for new parents. The CDC recommends that newborns spend at least the first six months of life in the room with their parents. Instead of using a bulky play yard or portable crib, Bugaboo offers their Bugaboo Stand, a bassinet stand that offers babies the comfort of their stroller during naps and nighttime. This consistency will help the baby not only fall asleep faster, but stay asleep longer. And, as a parent, you are no longer fighting to find space in smaller rooms for the baby to sleep. The Bugaboo stand is also lightweight and compact, ensuring that when naptime hits, the baby always has a sturdy place to snooze. Simply snap the bassinet from any of the four strollers into place, and allow your baby to sleep in consistency and comfort. Finding a safe and secure place for the baby to nap just got so much easier!

Bugaboo Bassinet Stand

The Bugaboo Stand also doubles as a high chair, perfect for parents who like to go out to eat or do not have room for a traditional high chair in their home or apartment. When used as a high chair, the Bugaboo Stand allows you to adjust the seat position to perfectly place your child at the table or even to use it reclining so your child can get some rest. Its lightweight and compact design ensures that going out to eat is always simple, and that the baby is not using any high chair that is old, worn, or unsteady. Available in black, the Bugaboo Stand will match any style or taste, and promises to be sleek, efficient, and reliable. The Bugaboo Stand is universal for all four strollers, however each model requires a different set of adapters and needs to be purchased separately.

Bugaboo Bassinet Stand

Come into any Bambi Baby location to check out this awesome product by Bugaboo, as well as their incredible strollers! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for up to date information on all the best baby products available!

Feb 9th 2021 Enelio
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