How Many Car Seats Do You Need?

What is the right amount of car seats to Buy?

We often get asked how many car seats you’ll need in your new baby’s lifetime. While there are options that allow your baby to grow with the seat from rear-facing, to forward-facing, and all the way into booster – How likely is it that the seat will remain clean after so many years of nearly daily use?

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It’s no secret that babies and young children are accident-prone; from diaper incidents to melted slime or crayons, all the way to juice pouches they’ve somehow managed to get everywhere. Kids love to make a mess, making the prospect of maintaining the same seat all the way to booster years seem like a fairy tale for experienced parents. That’s why we recommend planning for three car seats in your child’s lifetime: Your infant seat, a convertible seat that offers both rear and forward-facing installation, and a booster.

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Hey guys, Enelio from Bambi Baby; and today we’re discussing how many car seats you actually need. Well, there's a lot of marketing that says you could use a one for life or an all-in-one forever seat to make you go from infant all the way to 120lbs. Well, I like to be realistic. I think you're going to need three car seats. I think we will start with an infant seat, go to a full-fledged convertible that goes rear-facing and forward-facing, and eventually we end up with a booster. Why? Well, children have accidents inside their car seats, and if the car seat makes it two to three years, chances are pretty good it's done its job, not necessarily needing to go six or eight years. If the child is a well-behaved child in the car, then it will make it all the way to 120lbs. But highly unlikely that this car seat will stay clean for that long period of time. Let me know if you agree or disagree in your comments below!

Aug 1st 2022 Enelio
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