Check out these 5 must-have car seat accessories

You have your car seat and you’re ready for the baby's arrival. Unfortunately, even the best car seats don’t totally “have it all” in terms of accessories or necessities. Here is a list of must have accessories to add on to your car seat, from an infant carrier into a toddler seat.

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1. Car Seat Protector

We don’t mean for baby’s car seat either - your car seat! We all know babies can be messy, between snacking, spit up, and milk or justice, it's important to keep your car seats safe and clean. Simply place the car seat protector under the base of the car seat or the booster, and allow your car seats to remain stain free! This protector is great from when the baby is in an infant carrier, all the way up until they are in a toddler seat or booster.

Diono Ultra-Mat Car Seat Protector

2. Mirror

Not being able to glance back at a baby when you’re driving can be nerve wracking, especially for first-time parents. A car seat mirror easily attaches to the headrest of the rear seat, and allows the driver to look into their rearview mirror at the baby mirror and see their little one. And, any passenger can easily turn back and see how the little traveler is doing as well! This is a great addition until the baby is front facing and you can easily keep your eye on your bigger little one.

Diono Easy View Mirror

3. Window Shades

Even cars with tinted windows don't protect babies fully from the sun. Having extra sun shade protection not only keeps the baby from the bright sunlight, but also darkens the car so the baby can sleep peacefully. These shades typically come in a pack of two, which means that both windows can be shaded. Just because a baby outgrows their infant and toddler seat does not mean they can’t still rely on these shades. Your little one can nap in comfort all the time - until they are ready to look out the window themselves!

Diono Sun Stoppers

4. Cup Holder

It might seem obvious, but some brands do not include a cup holder with their car seats. If you choose a brand that does not, a cup holder can make a huge difference. Not only a convenient place for babies to hold their cup, it's great storage for snacks, pacifiers, whatever baby might be grabbing at. It also means not stopping to give babies what they need. Cup holders are much more necessary when they are out of their infant carrier and able to hold their bottles themselves. When that time comes, it really does make a difference!

UPPAbaby Cup Holder

5. Car Seat Canopy

As a way to protect babies from the cold, wind, and sun, as well as protect them from onlookers, a car seat canopy is a great accessory to add. This either stretchy or flow material wraps around the carrier, leaving a hole for the carrier arm to remain out for convenient carrying. Composed of breathable material, car seat canopies also keep babies warm in the cool winter months. Perfect for your little one’s early stages!

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Jul 19th 2021 Allie
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