Bambi Baby: Crib vs Bassinet

Bringing a new baby home can be scary, especially as a new parent. Learning how to put the baby down to sleep, where they should sleep, and hoping for a long stretch of sleep are all elements that parents must consider and endure. Babies start generally in a bassinet or their crib, and choosing where to start can be another difficult choice. Here is some information on bassinets versus cribs.

The CDC & AAP recommends that babies sleep in their parents' room for up to at least the first six months of life to greatly reduce the chance of SIDS. While not all rooms can easily fit a crib and a bed, and co-sleeping has proved to be the safest sleeping choice for little ones, Bassinet cribs are great, reliable, and compact places for babies to sleep in a shared room. Here are some reasons to consider a bassinet

1. Portable

Bassinet cribs do all that full-sized cribs do on a much smaller scale. They fit comfortably alongside a bed without taking too much space. Bassinet cribs are also an amazing option for on-the-go parents. Most options fold easily and are very compact. They are the perfect options for vacation or travel, allowing babies to always sleep in their bed, no matter where they are. Bassinet brands like UPPAbaby also offer bassinets that snap in and out of a stroller as well, and babies will always be cozy in their bed! They also offer a bassinet stand, offering a portable yet safe and comfortable option for babies!

2. Safe

Bassinet cribs are definitely great sleeping options for babies in the first six months. Most modern bassinet cribs offer breathable mesh walls, ensuring that even when they begin rolling they are sleeping in a breathable space. To greatly reduce the chances of SIDS, babies are required to lay flat as they sleep, and a bassinet allows the baby to sleep comfortably on their back and lay flat in the process. They can also align with the height of their parents’ bed, which means when something is uncomfortable at night, you are right there to comfort the baby. The 4Moms Mamaroo bassinet offers all these safety features and more, truly allowing parent and baby to sleep soundly.

3. Comfortable Sleeping

Bassinet cribs provide a safe and reliable option for parents to place babies in. Not only does the baby sleep close, but they sleep on a flat surface, on their back. Most modern bassinet cribs offer reclinable walls for easy access, and bassinet crib stands, ensuring that the baby is comfortable no matter where they are. They also provide stylish options for parents to choose from, ensuring their taste is always present. The Aristot bassinet offers comfortable, stylish sleeping, while also keeping babies safe and sound at all times as they snooze.

For parents that choose co-sleeping as their option, bassinet cribs provide comfortable, safe, and reliable choices. Bassinet cribs provide the closeness needed for a good night's sleep, while giving babies their own space to snooze comfortably. With all the features these bassinet cribs have to offer, choosing the right one for you and for the baby should be a snap. However, it is recommended that babies only stay in a bassinet for up to six months.

A crib is obviously the most crucial piece of furniture for a baby's nursery. Once a baby has grown out of a bassinet in your room, they can finally sleep peacefully in their own room and in their own bed. Cribs ensure that babies will not roll out while sleeping, and that they are safe during all naps and night stretches. Cribs come in a traditional style, where they will remain a crib, or they come in different variations of transitioning - shifting from a crib to a toddler, day bed, and a full-sized bed when baby is ready. This promises babies will have a safe and consistent place to stay into their young adult life. Here are some reasons to consider a crib for a baby to sleep in.

1. Consistent

Having a baby set in a secure and consistent sleep routine tends to allow for a better night’s sleep. They know from a young age that their crib is where they sleep, and where they can be completely comfortable. In choosing a bassinet and having the baby co-sleep, there tends to be a transition period when the baby has to be moved from one sleeping space to another. This, in turn, can interrupt their sleep patterns for a while. Having babies sleep in their crib sooner rather than later (or to start there) can prevent this from happening.

2. Secure

Cribs are built securely and made to last. An updated crib will always be the safest sleeping option for your little one. And, with most cribs converting into a toddler, day bed, or even a full bed, cribs can also provide the consistency and comfort that a baby needs as they grow. Cribs also ensure that babies will not roll out while sleeping, and that they are safe during all naps and night stretches.

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3. Comfort

Babies grow very quickly. Generally, a crib mattress can become a toddler bed mattress, and that means it will take a while for your little one to run out of space. Bassinets are portable and generally run smaller than the standard crib size. While standard cribs are not portable, having baby sleep in a crib will ensure they will not grow out of it too quickly. Bassinet cribs are also not as comfortable as a crib can be, and being comfortable can absolutely lead to a better night’s sleep - for both parent and baby.

Either way, the baby will be provided with a safe and secure sleeping option. It is just up to each individual parent to choose what they are more comfortable with. If a parent is looking to co-sleep, a bassinet is the best choice. If parents are looking to introduce a baby to their own room early on, a crib is the best choice. Parents do not need both, especially if they plan on placing the baby in the crib from night one, but having an option for the first night home may be a good choice. 

May 20th 2021 Enelio
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