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Pali Furniture

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Pali Furniture

Pali has been making furniture for 100 years. Four generations of their family have created baby furniture – originally by hand, and over time, they have changed their methods with different technological innovations, but every single piece of Pali baby furniture is made with care. With the most modern technology, the Pali family constructs a wide variety of furniture for your baby’s nursery in different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Their commitment to baby furniture has led Pali to become a leader in the industry, noted for their ability to innovation and attention to detail.

Their originality and commitment to a high quality, long lasting product is evident in all of Pali’s furniture pieces. Although their production methods have changed, their desire for a well-made product remains. Their beautiful Italian crafted baby furniture is the result of four generations of hard work and dedication to their craft. Each piece of furniture is created with as much attention and devotion as it was since the establishment of the company. Pali understands what children need to feel safe and comfortable, in addition to what parents need to have peace of mind, knowing that their child is in good care.

Pali, a family brand, knows how hard people work for their money, so when it comes to investing in furniture, they have constructed and created the most durable, effective furniture pieces possible. When you purchase a piece of Pali furniture for your child’s nursery, you can rest assured that it is a lifetime investment. While they guarantee safety and durability, Pali carries some of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces in the industry. We carry a variety of their cribs, dressers, drawer chests, changing tables, nightstands, bookcases, hutches and armoires. Browse our collections to find the perfect furniture for your family.